Fat Cat™ – Unique Lottery-Style Games on Mobile

Getting lucky has never been this easy!

Yeah who doesn’t like to have Lady luck on their side but Alas! Lady isn’t always pleased with everyone all the time. but behold, this FAT CAT™ can make it happen. And you my dear friend can be the most favorite fellow of Lady luck. Want to know how to do it in the most interesting way? Simple, by playing Lucky 6 Games by FAT CAT ™.

What is Lucky6™ by FAT CAT™ ?

It’s a combination of fun engaging social games with a chance of winning life changing prizes. You dear friend can win humongous prizes by playing on your own or by challenging your friends and increasing your chances of winning even bigger. You get exciting games to play with the prizes that are actually worth winning.

Features :

  • WIN CASH : Fat Cats don’t play for points, they play for big money.
  • HUGE JACKPOTS : Fat Cat jackpots are huge because it’s more fun that way.
  • Challenge your friends : Competing against friends is great, but winning even when they win is the Fat Cat way.
  • Share with your friends : When your friends win, you win. Every friend you invite increases your odds of winning.
  • BRANDS YOU KNOW : There’s no research involved because every brand is a household name.
  • EASY TO PLAY : Playing is as easy as tapping the logos of your favourite brands.


LUCKY 6™ works on similar pattern of lottery. Instead of picking 6 numbers you pick 6 brands and create your ticket, you can create multiple ticket and if your brands are amonst top 6, YOU WIN! And it’s not boring like conventional lottery but an absolute entertainment. Best part is entertainment and wining goes hand in hand with this Lucky 6™ by FAT CAT™. It indeed is very fat 😛

SHARING : If you invite a friend and they win then you win too, now sharing is not just caring but it’s winning too, the more the merrier i.e. the more friends you invite the more you win, now that’s the cherry on top. It’s totally simple and whole lot of fun, now time is not wasted while playing games on contrary you win exciting prizes that are worth winning that is you win a lot more than mere credits or achievements. (Yippee) Your friends are going to absolutely love you for this.

It’s a real Game Changer. How?

FAT CAT™ is CROWDFUNDING. Yes you read it correctly. It’s an awesome opportunity that you wouldn’t want to miss. Crowd(you) fund the App/Game and in return you(crowd) gets a percentage of shares, if the app/game succeeds, your ROI goes a lot higher.

Get into a unique concept early that threatens to challenge traditional lottery, where the market is enormous and revenue generation immediate. A business that can scale very easily… starting in India, then Latin America, China and beyond. An opportunity where potential return on investment is immense.

Be part of a real Game Changer!


Install it on your device (I am installing over Android)
Register / Log in
Activate your account via activation link you receive in your email
You are ready to log in

After you log in, you get two options, either to select brands or take a quiz. Once you select the “Select brands” then you will get an option to take a tour. Afterwards you can select brands and create TICKETS.

How to select brands to create your unique TICKET

Yes you can create multiple tickets. It’s that Easy!!!11234Refer the picture below to know all the awesome things you can check out.1222So, what are you waiting for… You can get all this, It’s all just a tap away!!!

For more details refer http://fatcatgaming.com/ and win life changing prizes.


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