Nail art – Independence day

Hello Friends,

Wishing a very happy 68th Independence Day to every Indian across the Globe. It’s time for celebration but before that it’s time to remember the real heroes of our nations, the saviors  ‘Jawans’ who stay up all night each day to to keep us safe so that we can sleep peacefully and the martyrs who freed our nation after colossal struggle.

It’s time to bow to our mother nation and make a solemn promise to take care of her with utmost priority and huge respect. Freedom comes from within, it comes from mind and soul, it comes from deep discipline as well. It means to respect and honor the freedom of others as well. So come together and promise that our patriotism won’t be just for 15th August each year but we will have a patriotic soul throughout the year and do our bidding with utter seriousness.

So to celebrate this awesome patriotic day, I have created a DIY easy Nail art.

nail art, independence day, India, 15th august, august, tricolor, white, DIY
DIY Nail art – Independence day

The steps are pretty simple. Though I will repeat them just in case.

– Apply base coat to your nail (Optional but beneficial)
– Apply 2-3 matte white nail paint coats and wait will it dries out.
– Now with the help of back of the tooth pick put random dots. I started with Coral, then blue then green.
– Now finish the look with top coat as it will help to keep the nail paint stay longer and not chip out as soon as you run your hands through your hair 😀

Vióla 🙂 🙂 🙂

DIY Nail art - Independence day, nail art, independence day, dots, India, flag, tricolor, naildesign
DIY Nail art – Independence day
DIY Nail art - Independence day, nail art, Independence day, white nail art, dots, nail design, India, tricolor
DIY Nail art – Independence day
Jai Hind, national flag India, vande matram, nail art
Jai Hind
DIY Nail art - Independence day, nail art, nail design, Independence day, 15 august, India, white nail design, dots
DIY Nail art – Independence day

What do you think of this easy DIY nail art. Do try at home and let me know how you find it.
Do leave your comments or feedback, I would love to read them 🙂

Do also read the poem on Independence day ‘Take a pledge‘ I wrote in 2010.

Have a nice weekend.


4 thoughts on “Nail art – Independence day

  1. Beautiful DIY nail art tutorial. I love it and i must confess that i learnt a few tips that i will use on my nails over the weekend. Thanks for the beautiful nail art design pictures too, they are really inspirational.


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