Zest up my life

Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest. 

Christian Dior

Recalling those childhood days when I used to meet each day with ardent exuberance, my eyes used to twinkle with delight and feet used to tap as I hum the happy jingles of life, I realize that I still have that child inside me alive, I still greet each day with a smile, seek for adventure, look at the bright side of situations, for I live with enthusiasm for my passion with passion. Zestfulness is not situational but it’s a lifestyle and adopting it will unleash the hidden child in you whose eyes can see beyond the mundane masks and mind can fathom the real beauty as it won’t be clouded.

People wonder if the zest of life is related to age as it is envisaged to be, I simply refuse to accept that. However, no matter how exuberant one is, needs take onto them hijacking the front seat. Life indeed is not a magical carnival and we have to work hard to achieve certain goals in life, we race to outshine others, we race to attain perfection, we race to race and in this race we struggle and take a lot of stress and lose the beauty of life. So, what do I do? Simple, I keep adding a little zest to my life and have a beautiful meaning to it. I Create those magical moments which makes me more lively, more enthusiastic, makes me want to breath some more and more.

How do I zest up my life :

1) Getting Reacquainted with Nature :

There is no heaven other than serene landscapes and natural beauty; passing through amphitheatre of mountains, walking onto trails surrounded by green lush trees, breathing in the fresh air so different from the city pollution, getting lost to the chirping of birds, melodious rustling of leaves. Letting my skin absorb the crisp cool breeze and pure divine sunshine. I recently went for such a tranquil experience in the wilds of Meghalaya, North East India, got reacquainted with the nature and realized how much I love it, how much I needed it to zest up me life. It’s a place which satisfied the inner photographer in me too, it satisfied the writer in me, inspiring me by so many fresh ideas, it satisfied my soul.
Sometimes I long for simple long drive and if it’s raining then it’s even better, thereafter to look for road side dhaba or bhutta (roasted corn) sounds enthralling too. 

 2) Hydrogen Oxide (H2O) :

I used to love chemistry back in school, still it intrigues me beyond bounds and hydrogen oxide is one such compound commonly known as water which peps me and everyone up, it sustains life and is sacred, it’s wild and invigorating, it is prodigious which can conquer anything and everything, no one can hold it or capture it, it will always find it’s way out. It shapes the mounts, it divides the continents, it makes up our bodies, it changes fate. It has so many shades and behaviors; each one equally inspiring and have unique quality to it.

I love to spend time in or near water, be it a bathtub or a seashore where it makes the coarse sand dance on it’s tunes and let the mighty sun sparkle and bleed into it. Spending time in a beach, playing with sand, dipping in water, dancing on the tunes of waves, getting dazzle by the millions of sparkling clear crystals in sunlight is a time that energies me to do more, to crave for more, to unbridle the the real me into this never ending universe.
Or be it in a form of revitalizing pouring droplets which makes even a mundane task better. It’s Pittering and pattering, Dripping and dropping, Splitting and Splattering soothes, excites, rejuvenates and adds buoyancy and that much needed zest to my life on daily basis which helps me in turning any adversity into opportunity.

3) The ‘Aha!’ moments :

For me, ‘Aha!’ moments are those moments which changes my perspective towards life, which takes me on a laughing fit so hard that my stomach hurts, makes me smile uncontrollably, when me fall in love with myself, with my surroundings or with someone special. All those moments which takes my breath away, fills my heart with love and happiness, when my eyes dance with joy, my lips curve with delight, my feet do the happy dance and I sing tunelessly (I am world’s most embarrassing singer but that never stops me from singing randomly )  are the moments I absolutely crave for because those moments do add more life to my days.

Meeting new people, experiencing new experiences, attending luxurious events, talking relentlessly about something, getting acquainted to new things, learning something different and new, all adds up to my ‘Aha!’ moments, when all my heart says is “AHA!”

  4) Attitude of gratitude & random acts of kindness :

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” ~ Mark Twain

The sole thing would can always use a little more and never get tired of is KINDNESS, if it’s in my power to help someone then I never back out, always believe in lending a helping hand. The satisfaction it gives is beyond words. My domestic help used to work in a office as a floor cleaner, her salary of 3 months was on hold as the office closed due to some unavoidable circumstances and no one was taking the matter of her payment seriously, when she told me I made the call to it’s head office after getting the contact number from internet and within a week her payment of 3 months was made, how much time did it take? probably minutes but it helped my maid a lot and her smile made that small act highly satisfactory. A simple smile can do wonders, always pass a smile because it not only brightens my day but also encourage others to do the same and imagine how beautiful our world will be when we all will be smiling all the time. A simple word of kindness can do wonders too, It lifts my spirits in giving and receiving both.

I do believe the best attitude in life is the attitude of gratitude, people say there is no ‘thank you‘ in friendship but I find ‘Thank you’ the best of words, one can say a lot with such a simple word, OH! the joy it gives to say and hear. It lets others know how grateful you are to them. I always express gratitude for all that I have and this helps me in becoming even more excited about what I’m doing. Sometimes, it is very easy to forget about all the little things that make our life easier and comfortable hence remembering all the good things that you have going on in your life and be grateful for being who you are today is very important. So I don’t ever hesitate to show gratitude which creates positive atmosphere around me.

5) Dancing & Creativity :

That’s one passion on mine for which I am utterly grateful to my mother, if she hadn’t enroll me into kathak dance classes (One of the classical dances of India ) when I was very young then I might not have been able to enjoy and understand all forms of dancing so well. I love to dance like I have no care in the world, as if no one is watching but only to enjoy the rhythms of music and getting hypnotized by it. Each beat has it’s own story and by each movement I let that story free in this world for others to experience and get mesmerized by it. Best things in life comes free and are mostly spoken without words and dancing my heart and soul is one of that. I can not imagine a world without music and dance as it’s the basic essence of life, of our very own existence, birds dance in free sky, fishes in water, plants and trees on the tunes of air and sands on the rhythms of sea and I dance to zest up my life.

Zest up your life, classical Dancing, India, kathat
Dancing with Zest for Zest 🙂

Creativity flows when I set my mind loose and let my hands flow with my imagination. I love to draw figurines on the flow, as we Indians call it Rangoli, a colorful sand art. Thereafter coloring them with the shades that reflect the essence of life. I do not like to copy them from help books but just sit and draw and bring it to life.

Rangoli designs, diwali rangoli, festive art, Indian Art,
Rangoli designs Created by me 🙂

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