“And my followers count is, 4K you see that!”

“Oh my God, I just crossed 300 likes, you see that!”

Yeah Yeah I see all of that but do I look like I care about your followers or your likes. If you stop screaming then I just might not unfriend or unfollow you.

How many times do you feel that. Sharing moments is awesome but bragging about them is not so cool and when there is unnecessary competition, people start to judge even if you are not bragging. But does that mean you should stop sharing about the cool stuff you do, the breath-taking places you visit, the yummyliscious food you cook. Or stop posting about the ideas you have or the opinions you make about the current government, or the FIFA world cup or how loud your neighbour’s doorbell rings. No, because life is about sharing and giving opinions. And I am personally all about speaking my heart and mind and do like to hear what others have to say about anything and everything so when I first heard about the from Blogadda I was pretty intrigued.

It’s introduction says “Opinions are powerful, everyone has them, Saying something can change everything….” , so I had to try it

My experience so far:

User Interface (UI): The most important thing about any social networking site is it’s interface as it is the key thing which makes sure the user is engaged for a longer period. I liked the UI of It’s logo is maroon and the theme colour is white-silver with black and pastel colours mostly for highlights. The font is of apt size. All in all it’s soothing.

About :

state 1234
My profile over

At first I was a bit lost as it has a completely new concept and layout, which now I think is it’s strong point. As I surfed around I understood it’s functioning.  ACROSS STATE is the helping agent which guides about what’s trending across the sight, one can choose (TUNE IN to) the topics they are interested in and the simply start giving opinions on other’s stated subjects or create of their own (by Clicking over STATE).

You can Tune into friends, track their posts, have fun interacting with them. Since you are basically categorizing your posts/opinions so it’s pretty easy to discover and befriend like minded people across the globe.

Since I always have lot to say so I didn’t find any difficulty in toggling my mind to start using it. And once I got the hang of, I learned about  many different kind of things, it’s tad addictive that way. 😀

So, Here are some screenshots to give a gist:

state 2
Tune in to friends 🙂
state 4
Sharing a beautiful picture I clicked with an opinion on it.
state 5
Tuning into the FIFA World cup, now I am not going to miss what other’s across the globe thinks of it.
Sharing a link of my Blog post.
Stating my opinion about my beloved nation. ❤
Because I am Happy 😀 😀 😀

That being said, it’s pretty hard to stay unconnected to your previously used other social networking sites so you can easily share your opinions to Twiiet/Facebook too.


Till date I found it nice clean way of interacting with people around the world with similar opinions and ethics without snooping too much into their life and unnecessary details linked to it. It’s pretty systematic which makes navigation hassle-free and easy to use. I like it so far. 🙂

This review of has been posted as a part of the Blogadda Reviews Program.


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