Saturday Coffee interview with Parthajeet Sarma (Video Segment)

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the very first Video segment of Saturday coffee interview with the Author Parthajeet Sarma also an award winning innovator and a successful entrepreneur. The author of the non-fiction ‘Smartphones dumb people?” a book that reveals how to use 21st century tools to address 19th century issues India is still facing today.

This is not just an interview but also a Wisdom platter, where you can surely find something for yourself to get inspired from. 
This was my first ever Video segment hence there could be some flaws on my part but the purpose of this interview is flawless, the message is profound and food for thought. Hope you enjoy it.
More Info. of ‘Smart phones Dumb People?’ :
Read my take on the book HERE
On Goodreads HERE
Connect with Author :
Buy the Book: Amazon / Homeshop18

Parthajeet Sarma signing the book

Please provide your valuable comments and feedback. They always mean so much to me.
Hope you enjoyed this segment.
Happy Reading
 Keep Rocking
©Ankita Singhal 2013

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