Tropical paradise – Creating Happy travellers!

The spirit of Aloha!!

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard

Hawaiian-IslandsWhen I was asked if I could take my parents to any place on planet where would that be? One place instantly popped in my mind, just the thought of visiting it made me giddy and jubilant, it’s a tropical paradise, yes, it’s Hawaii! (Aloha!! — Hawaiian word used when greeting or parting from someone)

I have always yearned to go to Hawaii, everyone says it’s beautiful beyond imagination; has superb weather, wondrous sparkling beaches, and is a relaxing place far from sky-scrapers sitting on the lap of goddess nature. But for me it is far beyond these reasons, it is about meeting new people, learning their ways, experiencing a different culture and that’s the magic of travelling – the real gift is what’s around you, the natural beauty of the place, the people, and the friendly atmosphere.

Dreaming is easy but planning itinerary and the whole process of booking holiday is tenacious especially when you are visiting a foreign land. I would definitely want my holidays to be the happiest one ever. Vacation in Hawaii is like a dream come true. Like a lot of visitors to Hawaii, there is a question about which Hawaii island to visit, which will suit the adventurous streak of my brother, the spontaneous and moody style of the very me, a relaxed luxurious spectacular time for my parents, also I would want to give them some alone time for themselves, they have spent their whole lives in meeting mine and my brother’s needs, they have almost forgotten how to just sit back and enjoy life, relax and watch a sunset together, have some quality time and making up my mind to choose islands from a cluster of Six Hawaii islands: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and the big island of Hawaii, will spin my hear right round hence I would definitely seek for experts help; we’ve used for couple of trips and every time been pleased with their services hence it would be.

I would visit Yatra Holiday one-stop-shop premium lounge in my City, best part about them is the privacy and comfort they provide along with of course Yatra Travel experts who assist with all aspects of travel. Isn’t it awesome! 🙂 They also give travelling tips and information we need.

tumblr_m96fdcovKF1r1p3h1o1_400There are two options to reach Hawaii, by air or by cruise. I personally prefer to arrive by air, albeit cruise does sound tempting but there is a thing about built up anticipation of just waiting to step foot on the island and a long cruise can spoil that. Right! For my needs and expectations from this trip I believe a tip of 7 days and 6 nights visiting Maui, Kauai, Oahu and the big island will suit me the best, all main parts of the chain of Hawaiian Islands.

Now the question was when to visit? Well that is what is so great about tropical paradises, is great anytime of the year, there are at least one major festival every month on the big island like Big Island Film Festival, Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, Merrie Monarch Festival etc. And I really yern to experience Aloha Festivals which occurs in September. Next other major issue will be jet-lag! Yes, I believe that by keeping to our regular schedule we can avoid the worst cases of jet-lag, plus you’ll have a lag up on most other travellers. I would ask to book flights which will reduce the lag up time making a trip happy even before it started.

Usually on a trip we waste so much of time in finding hotel/resort that we don’t realise that we are missing out on so much and most of the times specially in it’s a peak season we are unable to find the accommodation we desire and have to settle for less which spoils the mood from the beginning hence it is very important to book everything in advance, and if we book flight, rental car, and accommodations all together, it will save heaps of bucks, believe me. And one does not have to spend a fortune on Hawaii or anywhere else for that matter to have a good time, creating a happy traveller. Packing lightly and precisely also matters, because I do want to be a Hawaiian once in Hawaii and for that I will be doing Hawaiian Shopping once I land there!!

Hawaiian traditional garland (Lei)
Hawaiian traditional garland (Lei)

I would want the driver already waiting at the airport to pick up us and drop us to the resort which should be in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii – around 7 miles from airport which seems like the best place to stay. There is nothing which will make me more happier than receiving a warm welcome Hawaiian style with their traditional garland (Lei) and welcome drinks, a valet to came to take care of our luggage, and after finding the resort and rooms just as promised will make me un-cross my fingers and that would be just the beginning of a promising-happy vacation, I could almost smell the scent of tropical flowers by just thinking about it.

A good rest and a good meal after a long day’s journey refresh you for the rest of your vacation. Now it would be the time to leave the fast-paced mainland behind, relax to Hawaii’s lifestyle. First day must be taken slow, relax and enjoy, what’s better than beaches, Hawaii is known for its fabulous beaches like Kahaluu Beach Park, Anaehoomalu Bay, White Sands Beach and many more. I would hold my Hawaiian beach bag in my hand and slip my sunglasses on with my other, remove my flip-flops and I know the moment I will step onto the silky, white sand and take a glimpse of the dazzling sunlight beaming down across the clear sparkling blue water, the waves gently crashing along the shore and pulling themselves closer and closer as if they were beckoning me to join them and play their games; I would never want to leave.

The ocean is a rich, deep blue in some spots and in others a bright, aquamarine green. Dark purple streaks through it and turquoise speckle the surface. It’s heavenly made to surf, diving sails, snorkel, scuba-dive, body-board, water sports which will suit me and my brother both and Fair Wind that offers deep sea fishing and visit to coral gardens in all the colours of the rainbow is something my parents would enjoy a lot. The one of its kind black sand beaches of Hawaii is a vista to treasure. Then we all will find a spot along the sea to watch the sunset together, I have heard it has the most breathtaking sunset one can imagine, where sun makes the sky blush crimson and oceans bleeds at the horizon. I can Imagine the serene enchanting look on my parents faces and well, that will make it all worth it.

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Hawaii, twilight Volcano adventure
Twilight Volcano adventure, Hawaii

The big island of Hawaii has the most active volcano in the world which has been continually erupting since 1983, incredible Hawaii Volcanoes National Park would be the highlight of the trip. I unquestionably wanted to experience the ‘Twilight Volcano adventure’ with my family ever since my Father told me about it almost a decade ago, for that I will first have to find out from the rangers how to get to the current lava flow. Once I know that, in the afternoon we will drive down to the current flow and walk out as far as the rangers will allow. Then will eat a nice dinner in Volcano where all in sight will be bright, flaring, and orange lava, a captivating scene and return to the flow after dark. We will obviously have to be armed with a flashlight, water bottles, and jackets; there is nothing in this world that would compare to those exhilarating moments.

Hawaii has many great wildlife habitats and scenery, along with sandy beaches, blue-sky waters, thrilling water-falls and palm tree-lined shores, amazing volcanoes, and glorious sunsets but a beautiful natural environment is not all there is to enjoy in this earth-bound paradise, as this group of islands is also home to people with a rich-diverse culture. The culture and tradition of Hawaii are actually reflections of the land’s innate beauty; I am most excited to meet them and dance the graceful Hawaiian dances, sing religious songs, and see the various interesting art forms that seem to be created with only one purpose, and that is to serve as instruments through which the beauty and the mystery of the place is expressed. We would spend each evening having fabulous Hawaiian cuisine, their traditional drinks and enjoy Aloha festival, their Hula dance, a local dance deeply rooted to the religion of the natives. Hawaiians believe that the first hula was performed by a god/goddess, hence the dance is considered more as a sacred ritual than as a form of entertainment. And Hawaiian music is like a smoldering pot of different cultures. I would capture many the precious moments in my camera, so that I can relive them again and again but I won’t waste those precious moments in clicking images only, what matters is that those moments should be carved in your heart and memory and I will look forward to that 😀

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Where the big island of Hawaii blows one away with all of the volcanoes, lava, and black sand beaches that visibly made up Hawaii, the island of Kauai is known for having the most wildlife and wonderful flora and fauna, a perfect place to snuggle in nature, treasure the soft refreshing plants and wild scary animals. It’s a place where I would want to give my patents a romantic dinner amidst of forest meanwhile I would go on the wild adventurous track with my brother and leave a trail. I have heard that Kauai is not only breathtakingly beautiful but also a lot homely, because of chickens and roosters wandering around.

The island of Oahu is the city part of Hawaii. Unlike the other Hawaiian Islands, which are serene and more about nature, Oahu has tall buildings and has a more cosmopolitan lifestyle and seeing Hawaiian’s in different avatar would be pleasing. I will also visit Pearl Harbour, a war memorial. The last island I would visit will be Maui, it is gorgeous and already my favourite out of all the Hawaiian Islands (from what I have read and seen). Maui is like a combination of all the islands: tropical amidst nature, and also modern.

Hawaiian’s live a simple life and have a very unique culture. They are habitual of high expenses, but with their ‘carefree’ nature, they are less concerned about preserved wealth but rather enjoy each day to fullest as it comes and are satisfied with having just enough money for them to pay their bills and get food on the table. The most inspiring aspect of their way of life is that they are less materialistic and are more focused on preserving the earthen beauty and the nature around them. Although the idea of being in Hawaii 24/7 seems like an enchanting dream to me, Hawaiians do not exactly have the perfect life. Hawaii is a secluded series of islands, hence to get food and supplies costs high money because they need to ship everything over the ocean to the island. Because of this disadvantage, food prices, daily items, and especially fuel prices seem highly unreasonable when eager tourists visit the islands. If someone moves to Hawaii looking to work, they will perhaps be overwhelmed at the prices they have to pay to live there.

Albeit Hawaiians do have some other worries like tropical storms, high prices, and their beautiful islands losing its culture and being transformed into a modern and economic centre, Hawaiians tend to push their troubles aside and focus on the positive exuberance that their glorious life brings them. This is what makes a vacation most educational and travellers happiest when their eyes opens up to the new horizon, where their heart welcomes new changes and accepts and learn. As they say that land is never foreign but people are, and the key to be a happy traveller is to adapt the local lifestyle, cocoon in their culture and be less foreign and more local. It makes a traveller less nervous and more excited. Be prepared and preserve. Be a happy traveller always.


*All the Images are taken from Google Images 🙂
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**The details of Hawaii Islands has been inspired from Hawaii

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  1. Hey hi you. Wats up. Great post. U really made me yearn for a hawai holiday. That twilight volcano looks spellbinding. I especially loved that description of the sunset.


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