A Great Drive – entry for Michelin Pilot Experience by Ankita

Remember those enamoring days of first love, when suddenly you start noticing the charm of moonlight, World become a better enchanting place that you don’t want to close your eyes, don’t want to miss out even a single moment. And then sometimes comes the worst situation, your first breakup. Something similar happened to one of my best friends Shreya (changed name) and she was devastated. Even after cheer-up movie marathons, night outs, shopping when things couldn’t get better, we, that would be me, Shreya and Roops decided to have a getaway, it wasn’t planned but not exactly impromptu as well. We didn’t know the destination but we wanted to be at the place that was lush green, revitalized with the recent monsoon showers.

We took Khandwa road from Indore and drove away. Traffic till Rao was pretty dense and the roads were still damp, weather was cloudy. We attached our iPod to stereo and started singing or rather screaming ‘Irreplaceable by Beyonce’, I cannot carry a tune to save my life but Shreya is pretty good herself. I especially like the lines:

“I can have another you by tomorrow
So don’t you ever for a second get to thinkin’
You’re irreplaceable?”


We started playing “Guess who o’ wat” game. It’s pretty simple, a player has to guess who is driving the vehicle that is passing by, make a story about driver’s life, it could be funny or serious, comment on his nature by his driving style or simply locate the words in the surrounding given by other player. And that game, pop music, placid cool winds cheered her up. After driving for half an hour we couldn’t resist stopping at Choral picnic spot, besides providing a spectacular vista; this picnic spot is lovers point as well, so we had to stop there just to make fun of the cuddling couples. Choral River was pretty chocolaty. We spent around an hour there. After that we took the road again. The weather was so serene that we didn’t rush; just driving taking in the beauty of the Ghat we were driving on. Then after Mortakka Bridge we took a turn towards Omkareshwar-mundi road now that was impromptu. The route to Omkaresher is divine during monsoon. On the way we stopped to eat Roadside Bhutta (Roasted Corn).





After we reached Omkareshwar it started to rain pretty hard. The best part was visiting the temple, though unplanned it felt like we were called here or something, it was serene, peaceful and it set our wandering minds at rest. 


my clicz

Trying to click in Rain. Novice picture.. I know. 😀

When we were returning, the clouds started to clear their dark aura and warn sunlight started to peek as if it was trying to brighten Shreya’s path and it did. What Girls time, chocolates and gossip couldn’t do, that road trip did. It didn’t only help her but all of us because whenever I feel low in life, I just think about that day and my mood brightens instantly because I know Sun will shine and enlighten my path. Always.


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6 thoughts on “A Great Drive – entry for Michelin Pilot Experience by Ankita

    1. Thank you so much Bhaiya… Your blessings means a lot. Made my blog post worth it. Thank you again. Feels good to connect after so long. 🙂 🙂


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