Lovelets ~ Words for the Heart ~


Butterfly & The Bee …your literary angels
In association with
All About Books Global
LOVELETS ~words for the heart~ 

This is a collection of 71 alluring and ardent poems and 10 enchanting short stories.

From every shade of Love, darkest and brightest, amber and pure.. every word written from heart, meant to touch your heart.

Here is the Poem and short stories collection list (Click to enlarge):


999893_10151965491679838_528994857_n“In a canvas white,
enlivened with thousand hands,
brushes dipped in vilbrant colors
Spring was born…
coy and tender
Passionate and thundering
scaling and sprawling delicate boughs”” 

The new born leaves thus beaconed the birth of lovelets- a joint en devour of All About Books Global and Butterfly and the Bees- to display some of the best works of 67 poets and short story writers from across the globe.

May their spirited words springing start from the heart live on within the readers of this collection.” 


Publishers all about books global
Publication Year 2013
ISBN 978-81-925690-6-2
Book Category Poetry or Short Stories
Language English
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 140


I have read more than 600 books literally and this one is my personal favorite as a reader because yeah well because it is about LOVE.
And as a writer, this anthology will always be dear to my hear, I’ll always treasure it because I am a part of it as well, I got my first Short-Story ~ ‘Can you hear me‘ published in this anthology. And I feel so blessed to be one of the contributors.

When I got this book in my hands, I literally did a happy dance seeing my name in prints 🙂



Lovelets, words from heart,

Checkout the book trailer:

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Happy Reading
Keep Rocking


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