His eyes…

This is my first attempt with 55 fiction. all the three fictions are of EXACT 55 words and are weaved around ‘his eyes’. line for this weekend is ‘when you say nothing at all…”.


His eyes, golden eyes, amber eyes, 55 fiction

You lift your eyes to my name; time stops but your amber eyes keep smoldering, burning me. The world keeps melting in the heat and I keep slipping in the never-ending molten gold. I don’t want to find my balance, but stumble and get lost in your eyes even when you say nothing at all.


His eyes, anime eyes, 55 fiction, short fiction, Love, cocoon, offshore

You pulled me offshore. I found my balance as you blanket me in the cocoon of amenity. All the time your eyes are piercing my soul. Never straying, never wavering but dancing with sparks of unbridled love. When you say nothing at all, the silence spreads so consuming that even the birds cease to sing.


Runaway, hurt, goodbye, breakup, his eyes, sad

Your eyes echo the hardness in your demeanor. When you say nothing at all, I know it’s a goodbye. Now, I just want to get off this devastating road and run miles away to find my sanctuary. I’ll learn to love again, smile again because I deserve to. I know I am gonna be okay.


**This post grabbed the WOW Badge as part of the Write Over The Weekend contest conducted by Blogadda.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

©AnkitaS 2013

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9 thoughts on “His eyes…

  1. So deep and so beautiful , especially the last one.

    I am so glad i have stumbled upon your blog. You indeed entered in to my very short list of favourite bloggers. 🙂


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