Casting of Complete/Convenient by Ketan Bhagat

Complete I am when I live.
And living is Convenient too,
as long as it all doesn’t sound
too good to be true.

Well… I can always muse but this is the time to contemplate my other hidden talents (*tch tch*, It’s not funny, quit laughing) so the hidden talent I am talking about is casting the characters I read, I always do that while reading a book, I give faces to the characters I am reading about and Complete/Convenient has compelled me to make a post about it.


So let’s meet the Characters and Cast:

Kabir — A typical Punjabi who appreciates all the good things in life like beer, food, cars and women. Likes to wear nothing but Jockey boxers at home. A software sales professional who is charming, humorous, street smart, and loves life. Kabir likes to socialize with friends but when it comes to his love, he turns into a clumsy puppy.

Now when someone says a typical Panjabi guy, two names pops in my mind, Aayushman Khurana and Ranbir Kapoor but this time Ranbir Kapoor is getting the role because along with being Panjabi, Karan has an aversion to wearing cloths. So who better than Ranbir Right? And he is also a mamma’s boy along with being a clumsy puppy when it comes to love. We can also picture him ogling naked foreigners on beach with his wife sitting be his side. He is a charmer just as Kabir. And their names rhymes as well, Ranbir/Kabir.

Ranbir Kapoor


Myra  Beautiful rather drop dead gorgeous. Confident and courageous. A rebellion and a romantic. In control of life and highly emotional in her relationship. Myra knows her mind and is never afraid to stand up for what she believes in. No wonder her father compares her to a coconut, rough on the outside and soft, pure and sweet inside. And as Mamaji mentioned once (not-so-appropriately),… Just a bit heavy on the hips, like everyone else in the family!

Myra can be played by two Divas, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. But when you take Myra curves in account then again two names comes in my mind, Sonakshi Sinha and Kareena Kapoor.
But again, we can cast Ranbir against Kareena. What to do?
So finally Prianka Chopra it is. She is going to rock Myra as she is our Desi girl and she can be fun and sensitive at the same time. And she’ll keep Ranbir/Kabir in check.

Priyanka Chopda, Myra

(The Blue saree above reminds me of the Blue saree Myra draped on their first Diwali after their wedding.)
I can totally see her saying “I may live in Australia but deep inside I am a pure desi”
And Ranbir as Kabir replying “Tu desi nahi, desi ghee hai” and then.. well for that you’ll have to read the book 😀


Kabir’s Mamaji aka Mamaji — Loud and in-the-face ‘obnoxious’. Has the talent of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, almost always. A fun-loving chicken-whiskey-Punjabi uncle, who can cheer people enough to get them to dance, But can also sometimes make people cringe in fury.

Anupam Kher is the only one who can be as obnoxious as Mamaji and be that embarrassing Panjabi uncle, stepping out of car blazing with ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh’s’ songs and combing his remaining 20% of hair to hide that 80% bald patch. He is a true talented start who will rock this fun character of Mamaji.


Kabir’s Father — A consistent cool cucumber who is immune to any sort of extreme emotions like shock or surprise. A sensitive man of few words and fewer passion (his bakery shop and his daughter Kiran comprise that precious list.) Always carries a calm and steady voice and speaks with utmost sophistication.

Boman Irani, Why? Man.. You remember ‘3-idiots’ or ‘Shirin Farhad ki toh nikal padi..’ well forget about those movies because Boman  is gonna be different from those roles. He can be a Panjabi and epitome of sophistication at the same time. He can be the expressionless one, saw that side in 3-Idiots in bits.


Kabir’s Mother — A typical Panjabi mother, loud and “too much hai ji’ but when it comes to heart, she is the sweetest. And when I say a Sweet loud Panjabi Mother, it’s one and only ‘Kirron Kher’ aka Kirro.

kirron kher1

Full Name : Vishwanathan Subramariam Jagannathan
Kabir’s landlord and only real friend and guide in Sydney. Vishy is 60+ highly successful lived abroad for 30 years and married to an Australian. He is soft spoken and well mannered. An appropriate description (as in the book). Ye buddha bara hot hai yaar!

Amitabh Bachchan, stylish soft spoken and well mannered. And the last line above goes well for him, with all due respect.

Amitabh Bachchan

Ramesh — A finance geek and a human excel sheet whose mind can make a P&L statement out of everything he saw, touched, felt or tasted. Puts up with all the mess Kabir creates in the flat, as Kabir rightly calls him, his first wife. He is sincere, hard-working, and aspires to be Dhirubai Ambani.

Abhay Deol, I can picture him saying ‘Congratulations’. Chha gaye ji! Phod Diya! And be a finance geek in frames.

Abhay Deol

Nadia:  A short, plump, fair lady with her own fashion sense. Who loves devouring everything delicious including men and food of course. She likes to flirt and being pampered. She is someone you never want to take for a dinner. Why? You’ll be heading towards bankruptcy. All in all a sensuous character.

Only Vidya Balan can play this role. It’s take courage and confidence both to rock Nadia and she has it both in ample.

Vidya Balan

Divya: well well well… You know the girls who are not what their family thinks they are, the girls your mother warned you about. Yup she is that girl. She is hot, she is sexy and she knows it. No one can get past her ‘aadayen’ not even married men.

Lisa Haydon can rock that role. Period.

Lisa Haydon

Now that we have cast the characters, it’s time to get the ball rolling.


I hope you enjoy the book. If you have a different cast in  mind, please feel free to tell.

Happy Reading
Keep Rocking

©AnkitaS 2013


5 thoughts on “Casting of Complete/Convenient by Ketan Bhagat

  1. This is interesting ! all your characters are truly good:)
    As for me when I read the book, I will be the main role who will be playing along the book and other characters will take shapes from my real life itself 🙂


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