Winter Solstice Party and Fundraising

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says “Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.” ― Lewis Carroll

Have you ever tasted snow, held it in your fist while it melts with that tingling sensation? Have you wondered how it would be like to be an Eskimo, live in ice built homes (Igloos)?
I have, the first time I held white freezing flakes between my small palms was when I went to Manali , I was 8 and I fell in love with snow. I have always wanted to spend years skiing, taking a dive in chilly biting cold water and party with Eskimos. Well, what I want seems rather impossible (No don’t tell me nothing is impossible) but I can always spent a weekend Eskimo’s style with a little fairy tale-ish modern touch.

So I have decided to have a weekend bash on Winter solstice this year i.e. Saturday, 21st December, 2013. In the Ice castle on the Făgăraș Mountains, Romania.

WintSol Invi

Why Winter solstice? Last year it was the hottest topic of the coldest season, one cannot just talk about winter solstice without remembering The Mayan Calendar. Now, I want to change that, I want to remember winter solstice as a day that returns hope and light from the darkest longest cold night.

So, Lets come celebrate the end of darkness and returning of light, a day that is the turning point, a day that brings the ray of hope that after a longest night, Sun does shines, radiance does return. And when the Sun illuminates your life why not you illuminate the lives of those who are fortunate to feel the warmth of sun on their skin but haven’t seen it from their own eyes. This weekend bash will be a fundraising party as well.

Venue and Ambiance:

It is an Ice castle is a temporary castle made up of snow, sculpted blocks of ice during winters on high pristine white Făgăraș Mountains of Romania.




Since it will be in an Ice castle, it left a little room to your wardrobe choices, so why not just enjoy it Eskimo style. Yes it is gonna be a fusion of polish classy interior with raw brute attire (Make sure to wear only artificial fur and say ‘NO’ to animal killing).



Music: There is going to be a live orchestra, karaoke and a dance floor. You have to be there to show your moves.

Games: Gift Wrap Tango : All the guests will be paired up, right hand of one will be tied to the left hand of other. They will be given Gourmet Gifts – Halwas 4 Pack to gift wrap using wrapping paper, scissor, tape and ribbon.
There will also be many surprise games using lit candles.

*Every participant will get a Gourmet India recipe CD – A timeless collection of authentic Indian recipes. And winners will receive surprise gifts sponsored by ITC.


People forget the interior, decor, fun, music even the occasion but what they never forget is the food. It is the soul of every party and I am going to present finger licking, lip smacking gourmet dishes from the Kitchen’s of India. Most of the dishes are ready-to-cook (i.e. just heat and eat) so there won’t be hassle with cooking and the Ice Castle won’t melt away 😀


Hot: Soup and Coffee/herbal tea
Cold: Mocktails/Soft drinks/cocktails/smoothies



1. Cheesy vegetable Biryani rolls
Fried rolls of Basmati Rice cooked in vegetable Biryani mix stuffed with feta cheese.

2. Paneer Makhani Tikka
Paneer tikka marinated in Paneer Makhani mix.

3. Green kebabs with Papaya Raisin Chutney /Carrot Blackpepper Chutney

4. Tomato Chilli spinach ravioli
Ravioli stuffed with spinach stir fried in tomato chilli chutney.

Non Veg:

1. Chicken tikka
Chicken Tikka marinated in Chicken curry mix.

2. Double fried Mutton
Coated with Mutton Kolhapuri Mix paste.

3. Butter Chicken Kathi rolls
Kathi rolls stuffed with Butter chicken cooked in Butter Chicken Mix.

Main Course

Salads: Vegetable salad, Creamy broccoli salad, Sweet corn pepper salad and Fruit salad.
Platter of chutneys


1. Mughlai Paneer
2. Paneer Darbari
3. Dal Bukhara
4. Mirch Ka Salan

Non veg:

1. Murgh Methi
2. Chicken Darbari
3. Chicken Chettinad


1. Tawa roti
2. Butter naan
3. Stuffed kulcha (Potato/Paneer/Tofu)
4. Aloo ka paranths

*All Breads will be cooked with Aashirvaad Wheat flour.

–> Basmati Rice (Plain and cumin fried)


1. Scones filled with –
a. Strawberry & Mint Conserve
b. Pineapple & Green Pepper Conserve

2. Mango Saffron English muffin
Muffins mixed with Mango Saffron Conserve

3. Apple pie
Apple pic stuffed with apples mixed with Apple Cinnamon Conserve

4. Hazoori petha halwa.
5. Jodhruri Moong dal halwa cubes.


Merriment doesn’t end here. Every guest will receive a Gourmet Gifts – Halwas 4 Pack which they packed earlier in the game Gift Wrap Tango.
All the guests are requested to donate for the cause of blind children. Please do not hesitate as the fund will help in eye operations and organizing eye camps for the unprivileged children.

Everyone is invited. Please RSVP before 21st August 2013.

Note: This is a Fiction(Read-Dream) Party planning/invitation written for ‘My Weekend Party with Gourmet Food‘ contest on IndiBlogger sponsored by Kitchens of India. Visit Kitchens of India here.

You can vote for this post here.

*All the images are taken from Google Images. I do not hold any copyrights.
**Invitation is edited by Me.


12 thoughts on “Winter Solstice Party and Fundraising

  1. Damn… this is real good imagination. This is the coolest party one can ever be at. I would love to come, if someday you host it for real. Very well composed. Cheers !!!!


    1. Thanks Sumit for your kind words. I do want to spend a weekend in an Ice hotel. Hope someday when I go there.. and I manage to snag a deal to host this Supa-Expensive party or convince MR. Ambani to sponsor it :P.

      PS– Its in Ice castle so it has to be the Coolest party ever 🙂 , lets hope no one gets indisposed. 😀


  2. Awesome read. Loved the images as well as the style with which you edited the invitation. i was thinking as if really you are hosting such a big thing 🙂 all the best for contest 🙂


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