Ring The Bell … Make a change


Hailing from India where our MOTHER NATION was ruled by a female president and many  female powerful chief-ministers rules, one expects women to be safe but that is not the case. According to a survey India is the fourth most dangerous place in the world for women. 😯

Women in India, be it an unborn baby, an older lady of 80, a working women, a housewife, a teenage, a Sari draped lady or a miniskirt wearing girl has a same status UNSAFE, in bold, loud and clear.

When I step out my house, My mum worries about me, when I am out with friends, I worry about us, when I am reading newspaper, the headlines regarding women worries me. Problems are countless (as you can see in the flow chart) but the cause can be summed up in one -“Gender Biased Thinking”.

To improve the condition of women in India, first step should be to educate everyone regarding the importance of women education, Well educated women will know when to take a stand to not abort their girl child, to not tolerate the domestic violence and otherwise abuse. Well educated society will know the consequences of dowry disease, will take care proper care of a woman when she is pregnant.

  • Socially powerful women should come out and run a campaign on television regarding the importance of female education. Studies has shown that the condition of women in rural areas have improved as television shows has made them aware.
  • Public health facilities should be upgraded so that more pregnant women can reach out for medical felicities in rural areas.
  • On 3rd Feb’2013, President Mukherjee signed ordinance on sexual assault, changed law came into force. Now the proper implementation and enforcement is necessary.
  • The enforcement of ‘dowry prohibition act’, ‘Domestic Violence Act’ , bans on pre-natal testing and other existing acts is very Important.
  • EVERY GIRL SHOULD BE GIVEN THE TRAINING OF SELF DEFENSE, government/educational bodies/offices should conduct such camps.
    (I wrote an article on Self Protection︱Self Defence)
  • It is time when we take a stand against the Gender Biased thinking, as it is the root of most of the problems, Women in India are facing. Yes Gender Biased thinking still prevails in India, specially the North India, like Haryana. For that, campaigns should come into action showing how a girl can also be the safe harbor for their parents. Many such proud cases have come, ex- when a girl in J&K killed terrorists to save her family. So the proper awareness is very important.

*Be a part of this Change; Join and Act @BellBajao.org


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