Arcane Chamber of ten

“Dude, you were the one who put that third brick on his back, I told you it was too much.” Boy in the black hoodie says.
“Hey don’t blame me, ‘bricks’ were your special touch, don’t you remember saying that? If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s yours.” Buffed one retorts.
“Shut up, both of you, someone will hear you.” third one in there group smacks the one in hoodie “Just hope Ted doesn’t wake from coma. We were paid just to torture..err.. provoke him.”

Oh my Arcane, these scum ragged that innocent fellow Ted who is in coma.

“You heard that, someone is coming.” They ran in my direction, I opened the closest door near me and sneaked in swiftly. I could have stayed and given them what they deserve but my job is to catch the puppet master. So I have to be patient, for now. I find myself in the back of the kitchen; dude the aroma of freshly baked bread is making my stomach rumble. ‘It won’t hurt to snatch a bite or two?’ I thought and by the time I have finish, half of the crate is empty. I can really build up an appetite after a long spy watch. Suddenly it’s hot in here, I sniff the air; it smells like kerosene and fire! I ran for the door, “Damn, it’s locked and windows are too.” I threw myself at the door but it won’t budge. I took out my cell and realised I don’t have balance, blasted Arcane. I frantically wrecked my brain and did the only thing anyone in my position would have done, downloaded the chatting app, yup WeChat and tried to find someone who would come and help me discretely. Darn it, no one from my ‘Arcane society’ is on Wechat, which made me do what I never wanted to do.

“Hey Jordan, umm .. I need a favour, I am kind of stuck in the baker’s kitchen, door is locked from the outside and it’s burning, the kitchen” I sent him a voice message over Wechat.

“What… Hold on.. You are in the baker’s kitchen, what the hell are you doing there!!” Jordan immediately replied, there was a pause “I am coming, stay put and I believe you don’t want to be seen.” He wasn’t asking but telling.

After half an hour of picking locks, fighting fumes, dusting cinders, and bickering we are finally hiding in the high bushes behind the college bakery, fire brigade is still trying to fight of the blazing fumes.

“So Rollie..” he begins, he is too close for me to think straight, I shifted an inch, there isn’t much room, I can still feel the heat of his body. I cleared my throat and prompted “So?” I know he must have many questions, he has saved my life twice by now, once when I fell while scaling the high towers following the cryptic shadow and now from fire. I could have broken the window glass but I didn’t want anyone to know that someone was in there. It would have been my last resort though.

“WeChat? Really? You are warming up to the 21st century gadgets.” He mused.

I blinked, is he jesting. That’s all he has to say. If only he knows about the voice recorder in my wrist watch, or GPRS devise stuck behind my ears or video recording pendent. I smiled and excused myself as my cell phone’s screen blinked with Sherlock’s incoming call. I walked to my dormitory and told him everything.

“Young lady, you reckon the locked doors and windows are a coincidence. You are growing imprudent.” He justly said over phone. Well sweet Arcane, he is right. I should have notice it earlier, even when my back pack went missing last week, someone is onto me. I told Sherlock that it’s not safe to talk over phone; I can feel the eavesdroppers nearby. I told him about WeChat app, he constrained himself at first then after listening to its benefits he complied and after 15 minutes whole ‘Arcane Chamber’ is on WeChat Group.

You must be wondering about this ‘Arcane Chamber’, it was founded by Gandalf, an Istar or the great Wizard as they call him, who vowed to help aid the people of Middle-earth in the fight against evil later when he sensed the dark that was rising, he formed the Camber and recruited rather powerful forces from all dimensions of the planet Earth.

Arcane Chamber currently has 10 members:

1) Gandalf with his swift wrath, the founder and great Istar. The last wizard to appear in middle Earth, the greatest spirit and the wisest known to the mankind. He is never proud, desires neither power nor fame, that’s why he speaks less, only when necessary but always forthcoming.
2) Arjuna, the third of the pandavas, he is the fighter and trainer of Arcane. He is the one who balances dharma and karma. He is the hero of Mahabharata, who is blessed listener of Bhagwat Gita from Lord Krishna, his mind is chaste and clean of all impurities that’s why he advices as well.
3) Wolverine the illegitimate son, known for his mind blowing healing properties and near-indestructible metal alloy adamantium,  a mutant with a number of both natural and artificial improvements to his physiology, he represents all the superheroes and mutants.
4) Sherlock Holmes the god of disguise, british detective who trains spies and detectives with his astute logical reasoning. Nothing gets past his eyes and everyone wants to be like him.
5) Hermione Granger, the know-it-all witch, brains that represents the Dumbledore’s army.
6) Achilles the demigod with his famous heel, Greek hero from Trojan War. His rage cannot be controlled easily.
7) Jace Lightwood/Wayland/Herondale, most incredibly handsome Nephilim, a shadowhunter who fights off and slays demons, vampires, werewolves and anything walking underworld that hurts human race. He hides his inner pain behind his rapier wit.
8) Jon Snow, Former Lord Commander of Night’s watch, after surviving the stabbing from Bowen Marsh and other black brothers he is now a member of AC. He is the reluctant one to use technology and he hardly knows anything.
9) Mystery man aka MM, everyone on AC knows about him except me, they told me it’s for the best.
10) Rollie, that would be me, newest recruit of AC, I don’t know who I represent but I know I am here for a mission and I’ll prove it.

The drastic increase in murder, missing and suicide cases of students of North India have made it a dire issue in AC hence I am here as an undercover, in Shimla Institute of Technology (SIT), one of the best technical institute in the world. I have never studied with regular mortals aka muggle/mundane. I am Sir Sherlock’s student from spy academy, they call me The Chameleon.

The screen of my mobile phone blinked with new message on WeChat

Jace – This Mundane app is awesome. 7

Hermione – I checked. It’s secured as well. I can even video chat with y’ll guys. You are right Jace, muggles are doing well.

MM – Mundanes.. Muggles.. so many names to define the Magnanimous Me, yup that’s what MM stands for.

Archilles –  I just spoke with zeus via. Wechat and it costs no penny. 1

Sherlock – This is a better tool than my spy toys.

Hermione – Hey See who I found while shaking my phone, yes Dumbledore himself. Harry will be so happy.

Dumbledore – I died for few years and now muggles can do magic. 3

Rollie – It’s not magic Professor, its an and did you find another resurrection stone or what?

Dumbledore – Nope Harry, I am still dead. Eating Cockroach Clusters sitting on King Cross’s station.

Jace – Umm… Mr. Dumbledore Harry is at home with his wife and kids. Just Hermione here.

Dumbledore – Hermione? you are doing great. This is better medium to communicate than spells that drains my energy. WeChat mountain… hill.. what is that you muggles call it.

MM – Rock professor, the word you are looking for is ‘Rock’. 4

Gandalf – Welcome brother. We have missed you.

Jace – Aww Gandalf, I missed you too.

MM – Shut up Jace.

Sherlock – Al right, now that everyone has gathered, enlighten us on your progress Rollie.

Rollie – I found the middle man who pays college students to rag and torture other students. They meet him in Dark forest of Sigma hills. And today those three students who ragged Ted were found dead. Their throats were slit open from ear to ear, all three of them. No other bruise or marks on their bodies.

Sherlock – Did you inspect the surrounding?

Rollie – unhun.. found nothing, it was almost like they weren’t killed there or didn’t saw what was coming.

Sherlock – Hmm..Interesting.

Jace – You should pull her out Sherlock, situation is getting more dangerous. Does she even know this mundane world?

MM – Jon Snow is keeping an eye on her.

Rollie – Hello, I am still here and I can take care of myself. And I am off, got assignments to complete.

My screen blinked with another message from Jordan, he has added me to this ‘Engineering Design’ aka ED study group over WeChat. Almost everyone from my class is on it. Everyone dreads ED.

Jordan – Hello beautiful

Sneha (My class fellow) – There are many beauties here, who are you referring to handsome?

Jordan – The one who has been ignoring me, need any help with ED assignment Rollie?

Rollie – Thanks but No. I am sleepy. Good night.

My phone keeps blinking but ignoring it I am heading towards the Dark forest of Sigma hills.

Some is following me, my instincts keeps telling me but I can’t see anyone. There isn’t any noise just the air feels different. I kept looking back, suddenly someone pushes and I am falling off the cliff.

“Help!! Help!!” I shouted but there isn’t anyone to save me. I clutch the stone protruding and keep pulling myself up. “Agh!! I am pathetic.” I growled.

“Woah! Does it really look beautiful from down there? Should I join you.” Jordan appeared out of nowhere scaring the holy Arcane out of me.

“Smartass, pull me up.” I snapped. He grabbed my hand and pulled me at once, effortlessly. I kept blinking, he can’t be human, and it’s not human. Damn it is not human. What the hell is he doing here? My mind is spinning, this is the third time I have had near death experience ever since I came here, and every time he has been there, third time is not a coincidence. Is he the one who pushed me? Is he with those people who pushed me? But he saved me right, what if he did that to gain my trust!

“Earth to Rollie!” He waved his hand in front of my eyes.

“What are you doing here?” I inquired narrowing my eyes.

“We were partying behind that hill. I was returning when I heard your scream.” He shrugged like roaming in Dark forest in dead of night is the most normal thing to do. “What are you thinking?” he raised his right eyebrow. Damn I so like him when he does that. I cleared my throat and replied “About tomorrow’s ED quiz.”

A month has passed since that Sigma Hill incident. Last week I was successful to track down that middle man who pays student to torture other students. I have made sure that none of the student rag anyone even then there have been two suicide cases and one missing student case. That’s why here I am gaping at the mountain of newspaper stacked on racks in college library. After 16 hours of swallowing every newspaper since last year I am ready with a concrete detailed data on every missing, accident and suicide case in the North India. The conclusion of the data sheet is disturbing. I took out my phone and sent a WeChat message to the ‘Arcane Chamber’ group.

Rollie – I have collected the data on every missing, accident and suicide case in north region of India of past year.

MM – Bravo, I already did that lazy girl.

Hermione – Shut up MM. Rollie what have you concluded? I am already dreading your reply.

Rollie – Well… It all seems religion biased, depending upon the after death rituals of each religion. Missing cases are of those whose religion which directs to burn their bodies and suicide/accident cases belong to those whose religion commands to bury their bodies.

Jace – Rather an interesting theory.

Sherlock – Well done Rollie, I wasn’t expecting you to conclude that so soon.

Rollie – you knew about that.

MM – I submitted the report last month.

(Sweet Arcane, I am too slow!!)

Hermione – Send us your data sheet.

(I shared the pictures I clicked of my data sheet. It is so easy here to do, all I have to do is attach and send. Everyone will get it and then we can discuss it or anything like talking face to face. Thank you Jordan for introducing me to Wechat.)

Rollie – Where is Gandalf and others?

Hermione – Situations in Seattle is getting worse than ever. Gandalf is with Arjuna and Wolverine are taking care of it. Crime rate have increased appallingly.

MM – Jon Snow and Arcllies are in London tackling the same problem.

Jace – I don’t know how Wolverine is going to help unless they want to make an over rated movie with scratched doors. 2

Achilles  – Jace don’t. Gandalf might need him to open his canned fruit fiesta.

Wolverine – Haha we will see who scratched door and opens canes what I catch you both.

Jace – If you catch us wolvo.

Achilles – Even if you catch me, you can’t hurt me wolvo. 5

Wolverine – Everyone knows about your infamous heel Achllies.

Jon snow – What’s up with his heel?

Rollie – OnMiSweetArcane, you are on WeChat. I thought you don’t use it.

Jon Snow – I know nothing if I am not using it. Night’s watch is way better than your gibberish talk by the way.

Hermione – Achilles mother, nymph Thetis dipped him in river Styx to make him immortal. But He got a venerable spot on his heel where she was holding him so he can be killed if you hit his heel.

Achilles – Not anymore, I took another dip in River Styx a century ago. With the help of Gandalf my soft spot has changed.

Gandalf – That was a secret. You are not supposed to announce it to the world.

Jon Snow – Can I take bath in river Styx as well? G R R Martin is adamant on killing me.

Wolverine – For that you have to be real, not a figment of someone’s imagination.


Jon snow- Just as you are Wolvo.

Rollie – I am as real as the sun that rises in east and sets in west.

Sherlock – Show absurdity when I am engaged otherwise. Now Rollie tell me your theory on your report.

Rollie – All the religions are targeted so it can’t be a religious riot. There is no connection between even any two of the victims other than being a college going or high school kid so it can’t be personal revenge. It has to be something…

Hermione – I believe underworld is behind it.

Rollie – But their is no evidence of that. I checked the bodies, no bite marks or access blood loss. Just regular deaths.

Jon Snow – Underworld?

Jace – Vampires, demons, werewolves, warlocks, furies.. that summarize underworld.

Arjuna – We have got a new lead here in Seattle. We’ll update you as soon as we hit something solid.

Sherlock – Rollie I want you to be careful. It is far formidable than we originally presumed. No recklessness. Okay child.

Rollie – I am not a child and Al right I’ll be careful.

It’s been fortnight since Arjuna told us that they will inform us and today we all received a video message on WeChat group :


Hello Arcane members

Woah this is my first time with video chatting. Well it is to inform you that these tragedies are indeed the work of underworlders, the chief alpha werewolves are converting the missing students here is Seattle, and we believe it must me the case with rest of the world. Their motive is still unknown but our theory is that they want to take over the planet therefore they are growing their army. The mystery behind accident and suicide cases is still under consideration. It can’t be the work of Werewolves as they need an alive person to convert into a werewolf.  It is requested that you don’t take any hasty step and consult before taking any action because Arcane Chamber is not hidden from underworlders. If something goes wrong,  you’ll release an alert over Wechat immediately. This is Arjuna signing off.


I re-read the letter, it is disturbing because I can hear the distant howling of wolves and they seem like there are hundreds, I have to do something  but I can’t just tell AC members, they are taking care of other grave matters. I have to be sure first. I took out the Silver blades and jumped out of the window. I’ll be careful, yes I’ll be and when I am sure I’ll inform the AC.

OhMiSweetArcane! My eyes popped out of my skull, there must be around six hundred werewolves but that’s not the only shock, they are with thousands of vampires, sitting side by side, Vampires and werewolves are blood enemies!

I quickly capture a video of werewolves and a picture of vampires and send it on WeChat group.


MM – What the hell are you doing there?

Jace – Oh Holy Arcane, you are an idiot. Get away from there, fast.

Gandalf – I have sent the force, they will be there in 10 minute. Stay put. Don’t move or make any noise. You heard me child.

Arjuna – You do as Gandalf says, I will be there with wolverine mutants and superheroes soon.

Hermione – I don’t know what to say. Now everything is clear where all the dead bodies were going because there was never a dead body.

Achilles – I have left with Greek heroes and demigod army.

In 8 minutes Achilles arrived and in exact 10 minute Ajunaa with all other pandavs, Wolverine and his gang of superheroes and mutants. Gandalf with his wizards and Dumbledore’s army arrived. They attacked the underworld army. I heard the screeching, screaming. I have never seen the slathering; it is the most terrifying sight in this world still my eyes won’t look away. Arcane Chamber is slashing with lightening speed; it’s too hard to focus. There is pungent rotten smell consuming the meadow’s freshness. I saw Jon Snow joining then from the other side with his Night’s brothers.

I heard crashing of leaves and turned my head. Jordan is standing there with a silver sword in one hand and silver knife in other, he looks fierce, deadly. His soft features are gone, melted with the heat he is exonerating.

“Jordan!” I roared “I am not afraid of you, I am not going down easily.” I took out my Silver blades and in a blink he threw his silver knife at me.

I ducked but after a moment I realize it wasn’t aimed at me. Jordan is at my side soothing me.“Hey, I won’t ever hurt you.”

I turned, there lay a dead beta werewolf with a silver knife stuck between his eyes. I faced him with questioning eyes. He smiled and pointed a thumb towards himself “MM, your mystery man. He was the one who was on your tail.”

My eyes became too large for my face, I stood there gaping him. He can’t be MM, he is.. I thought he is…

“You thought I was playing for the other team?”

I nodded

He just gave me hug and said into my hair “You scared the Holy Arcane out of me. How on earth you managed to get past the gates without my knowledge. How could I fail you? What if I was too late?” he seems like he is talking to himself and so I keep quite. His words moved something deep inside me.

“Promise me that you won’t do anything like that ever again.” He pleads.

I have lost my power of speech so I just keep gawking like an idiot.

“Okay promise me that you will inform me first. Please.” He pleads again.

I nodded tentatively.

We found that vampires were trying to make students hate their life, provoke them to commit suicide, then afterwards they would convert them into vampires and the new-borns would leave the coffin they are buried into. Werewolf’s were kidnapping the students. They both needed young blooded, they both united to take over the Planet. Arcane Chambers and it’s army have slayed a large number of vampires and werewolves of India, still many are lurking in dark ready to attack anytime. Now that their motives are known they will be easier to track.

My phone blinked with a request of video chatting over WeChat.

Jordan – “You love me. You are afraid to commit that’s why you are pinning over Jace, the unavailable one.”

Jordan always surprises me. AGH!

“Perhaps I am.” I replied “But aren’t you afraid as well. You are confronting me over WeChat.”

“I am in London for some formalities and I was also dreading your reply.”

Afterwards he sent me a heart emoticon and I clutched my cell phone to my heart.



*The emoticons pictures are edited after taking phone snapshot.
** The Werewolf .gif image and vampire images are taken from Google Images.

This post is an entry for ‘WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!’ contest on IndiBlogger. Visit, WeChat’s youtube channel here.

Writer’s Note:

All I have to say is that my nick name is Rollie, I believe in all the unknown dimensions of the world and I am still waiting for my mystery man to come. 91

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    1. Actually I haven’t submitted the whole story yet, there have been many cases of plagiarism with this contest so I’ll post the whole story once the contest is closed and entries are displayed. So that there are lesser chances of being copied. :D, hope you understand 🙂

      PS — Yup I am From ‘Lovelets’. Plz don’t judge from this sneak peek 🙂
      I just checked, the contest is closed so Here is the complete story. Please give your honest feedback. It matters.


    2. I’m not judging you from this promotional post..I judged u from that ‘dream’ wala story…I hope u remember my comments there..

      Honestly, this makes for a great personal post…one which will give you a sense of contentment. But what i have observed over the months is that they give the trophy to you if:

      i. You have got many IndiVine votes
      ii. Or if you have furnished detailed info about the product (WeChat app, in this case).

      Your post is too long and even though it reflects your ‘mehnat’ and commitment, it is unlikely to win their heart/. You know, just a fortnight back, I wrote a 3000-plus word ka story for ‘Apollo Hospitals’. But they didn’t give me even those consolation prizes, coz it was basically a love story and there was only a subtle mention about the modern day health care towards the end.

      What i liked about your post is that you have brought together an assortment of fantasy-fiction characters. (U know almost everyone has included one HP character….i had dumbledore, u hav hermione, some had voldy, some had sorting hat, one girl had JKR. Looks like bloggers have a strong urge to talk to HP stalwarts).

      What i disliked about your post (i.e. what I feel would work against you) is the length (it’s a bit too long and those WeChat wallahs won’t spare so much time over one post) and the lack of pics.

      I’m not a big fan of pics. But your chances of winning the trophy increases if you can put in some catchy and heavily edited pics (something which I never do, coz of my ineptness with editing tools 😥

      PS- You can also put in one para in the beginning explaining about the uses and features of WeChat. I personally haven’t done that coz I am lazy…but since you have already done so much mehnat over such a lengthy story, u can put in a few more minutes.

      PPS- This comment has turned out to be longer than my entire post (at my blog) 😛


    3. Hello Ritesh,
      Of Course I remember you from that “dream” wala story. Your comment is one of the best comments I have ever had. You are right they might not spare much time at one post and mine is quite.. well too long. Thank you so much for your feedback. Yup I do understand that they choose those who promote their product best. I tried to cut short the story but couldn’t!! AGH!! I’ll see what I can do.
      I like pictures but I couldn’t decide which one will go well with my story. It is a paranormal fantasy fiction, where Wechat is one app which brought together a World savior group and saved many lives.
      Again thank you so much for your feedback. I am just going to read your Apollo contest story, for I know you are a good writer yourself. I hope they do see my Mehnat. 🙂 because contest has ended and I am not sure if I should edit it?!


    4. See, personally I don’t like to edit my own stories. I find editing as a heinous crime. When you are editing, you are killing words. It is a murder which writers must not commit for some inane prizes. I mean, the biggest reward for any writer is that feeling of self-satisfaction and that knowledge that u have won admirers. Materialistic prizes don’t mean much to us. Ain’t it?
      I mean, ya it would be nice to get free mobiles and tablets. But, they should not come at the cost of our work.
      So, please don’t cut short your work. I don’t want you to. Your story deserves to stay the way it is and not butchered just to please the businessmen. Who knows, you may win the trophy! You have, after all, done a great job.


    5. Thanks for the Boost Ritesh. Yup I agree, editing is difficult specially your own work, just like chopping off your fingers. Totally repulsive. I am glad that I got a good inspiration to write.


  1. Damn girl what are you doing here?! WRITE A BOOK!!

    Really loved your post and I think you deserve some place in the Winners List!!! And it’s so weird that I chose almost the same people as you before changing my mind and writing something way different than planned!

    Your new follower,


    1. Hey Pooja,
      You got me.. Yup I like to write, specially stories and when I started this one with werewolves and vampires and all other my fav. characters (Including myself) I just couldn’t stop or edit much before getting it all out of my system 😯 I know too long, but I already submitted :mrgreen: so lets just hope for the best.

      PS- I like your blog. Thanks follower, following you back.



  2. This is a real great post Ankita. So detailed and well executed, just like your tweets. You seem a die-hard twilight fan with those vampires, werewolves stuff. Hope you win this contest as well. Best wishes 😀


    1. Hey Sumit.. Your tweets were awesome as well, to the point. I had fun time reading them 🙂
      Thank you, I used to be a Twilight fan now I have moved on. Thank you for noticing that and taking your time to read it. Best wishes to you too.. I hope you too win this contest too. 🙂


  3. till this one 2nd we chat post i liked…
    and harry potter was ma fav character too
    and u wrote so well all the best for you contest

    communication you quilled is quite interesting


  4. Very interestingly narrated, Ankita with the different characters synchronized over WeChat. Bravo for your efforts and all the best for the contest 🙂

    PS: Congratulations on grabbing some amazing prizes in other contests as well, here’s wishing you win many more 🙂


    1. Thank you so Much Saru from your Kind words. Yup I am a techie by profession. 🙂
      PS- I am learning from your. You are an amazing writer.


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