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” Poor health is not caused by something you don’t have; it’s caused by disturbing something that you already have. Health is not something you need to get, it’s something you have already if you don’t disturb it.” 
Dean Ornish.

When you Google ‘Health in India’, You’ll find a lot of criticism on ‘Health In India’, like Malnutrition, High infant mortality rate, Poor sanitation, Inadequate safe drinking water, Female health issues – Breast Cancer, Stroke, Maternal Mortality, Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD). And the list goes on. Is this the Reality Of India? Yes. But is this the only reality of India? NO.
To put it blatantly, India’s poor health especially of people inhabiting the rural areas is the crude reality we can’t run away from and instead of criticizing it; the better option would be to work to eradicate it as they say “light a candle than curse the darkness”. Spreading awareness on large scale would be the first and most important step. And next would be the Modern cutting-edge healthcare technology  And spreading awareness is part of modern Healthcare.
First we will discuss about awareness. India is indeed facing a lot of issues but our many health services are also doing a tremendous work continuously in fighting these issues.

Awareness regarding the importance of personal hygiene:

Most of the rural areas suffer from common Bacterial, Viral or Parasitic diseases which can be caused by inadequate domestic or personal hygiene, which when not well taken care of may prove to be deadly. Mostly residents of Rural areas:
-do not clean the toilet
-do not get rid of rubbish
-do not wash clothes and bedding frequently
-do not store food properly
-do not wash hands etc.
Modern Science has found cure to such diseases like of food poisoning, hepatitis A, malaria, typhoid, gastroenteritis, pneumonia etc. but cure will not bar such diseases from reoccurring and for that prevention is much necessary. It can only be possible by spreading awareness regarding the importance of personal hygiene.

On World Health Day, a while ago, Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad organized Health Cleanliness Programs and Health Awareness drive in the Bhat Village with a population of approximately 10,000, in Gujarat. They also adopted the Village.
“Personal hygiene is one of the most effective ways to protect ourselves and others from illness. Hygiene is more than just being clean. It is defined as the many practices that help people be and stay healthy,” said Dr Pawar, Apollo Hospitals. (source : HERE)

Awareness for heart health:

Coronary artery disease­ (Stroke) the third leading cause of death with nearly 1, 57,000 people dying annually. Sometimes, heart disease is out of patients’s control, a result of genetics or diabetes; but more often than not, it could have been prevented. Some of the best preventive measures include eating a low-fat, high-fiber diet and getting regular exercise. In this busy-fast-paced life, many of us are forgetting the importance of the healthy heart.
Apollo “Dil Ki Daud” a mini marathon was organised by Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, in support with the Billion Hearts Beating Campaign, where 1000 participated. Its main purpose was to aware Delhiites about the importance of healthy heart and motivates them to adopt a healthy life style as it can prevent many diseases itself.

Another initiative of Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, ‘Save’ India campaign: The Hospital has a low cost screening programme for Stroke, Aneurysm and Vascular disease. It is first comprehensive vascular screening programme in India. It is initiated to increase awareness regarding vascular diseases in the country. There slogan- SAVE LIMBS, SAVE LIVES, SAVE INDIA!

Cancer awareness:

Cancer is a fatal disease which when detected earlier can save a life. Many researches show that one third of cancer deaths can be avoided through prevention, and another third through early detection and treatment at the right stage. Well alert people will undergo preventive health check-ups. If Cancer is detected early it is easy to treat, manage the disease and also the cost of treatment reduces drastically.
APOLLO – YOUWECAN Cancer Screening Initiative is one of the most effective initiatives. It launched it’s first Mobile Cancer Screening Unit in Kolkata In partnership with Yuvraj Singh, which will undertake cancer screening programs at various locations in West Bengal.
Apollo Hospitals have also conducted different Cancer awareness camps time and time again.

–> Telemedicine can prove to be a cost efficient and effective use of medical and technological cosmos. It can be used for education or training for isolated or rural health practitioners, which will reduce patients displacement for quality treatment. It is especially useful for people residing in inaccessible area. Telemedicine allows patients to seek medical care, share their medical reports – videos or radiology images in case of an emergency or otherwise.
Apollo is Promoting eWellness in Rural India

For more Information: www.telemedicineindia.com

Apollo Reach Hospitals: A first of its kind effort to make advanced technology and experienced medical professionals accessible to the people living in rural and semiurban areas in the country.

After reading this, will you ask yourself one simple question.
Are you health conscious?
Previously you might have readily replied ‘Yes’ , ‘Of course’, But Now I am sure you’ll think twice, contemplate then answer.

Now I am sharing few non-fiction cases (changed names) where I’ll discuss about the Cutting-edge modern healthcare technology.

Case 1: Radiosurgery for tumor

Sonam Sinha, 41 years old women, known as Iron women to her employees, editor in chief of one of the leading publishing house, active women with excellent health noted a small mass in her upper right eyelid. After a workup by ophthalmologist included a CT scan of the orbits, which revealed a 1.6 cm homogeneous area of enhancement in the region of the cribriform plate. This was consistent with a meningioma of the olfactory groove. Olfactory meningiomas are rare benign tumours. Sonam was neurologically unharmed, including her sense of smell and her eyelid mass was found to be benign.

Having a small tumour, Sonam has several different options; luckily one of them was radio surgery, one of the most advanced cancer treatment options available in the world and it was cost efficient for her as she didn’t have to go to abroad for the treatment, she got it in India Itself.

Why Radiosurgery: Had Sonam undergone surgical removal of her olfactory groove meningioma, she might have sustained permanent loss of her sense of smell. Radio surgery at the prescribed dose keeps olfaction intact. (Olfaction or olfactory perceptionis the sense of smell.)

Since Radio surgery was not painful and precise without much effecting her health otherwise, the procedure was fast lasts just 15 to 20 minutes rather than taking hours and ensures highest possible level of treatment accuracy, hence, Sonam was able to continue her work she loves so much, she had dedicated her life to the work and the Doctor, a MESSIAH for her saved not only her life but ensured a happy and healthy life ahead. It was all possible due to the availabitity of Modern healthcare technology in India and expertise Doctors.


For more detailed information on Radio surgery and other Cutting edge Technology, visit: http://www.apollohospitals.com/oncology_cutting_edge_technology.php

Case 2: Cosmetic surgery

Raman is one of those tall dark and handsome guy, he has a brain to match his dashing features, he also is a workaholic which leads to a stressful life, hence he is losing his hair considerably. No he is not a smug superficial guy but he is young and unmarried. He used to find refuge in caps and hats but he couldn’t wear it at office also too much use of cap leads to hair-fall, then he heard about the Hair transplant and it changed his life now he loves to run his hands through his hair.

“Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that moves individual hair follicles from a part of the body called the ‘donor site’ to bald or balding part of the body known as the ‘recipient site’.”

All of us have heard and seen the Beauty of Madonna  she looks ravishing, envied by many superstars even at the age of 54. Want to know the secret of her beauty – COSMETIC/PLASTIC SURGERY. Yes it not only helps to get a desirable shape to the specific body part but also maintain one’s beauty making them look ageless. Isn’t it like a dream come true! Thanks to the wonders of medical science.

Case 3: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Just one phone call made the difference between bankruptcy and survival for them.

Ankur, 33 years, in great health, starting his own firm with new employees who were even younger. The idea he’d ever need limitless health insurance coverage seemed remote. It would cost more but obliged by his moral he has to offer the same health insurance policy he purchased for his family to all his employees.

The same year his wife Tanushree delivered their baby girl at just 26 weeks, critically ill. Attached to a respirator, she underwent heart surgery, abdominal surgery, head surgery and countless other medical procedures. They both were worried because they didn’t know if their first baby child would pull through but Neonatal Intensive Care Unit made it possible.
By the time the baby girl was ready to come home five months later, the bills has amounted to nigh of.. well .. let’s just say a lot to Ankur because he recently invested his savings on his business.
But One Phone call to their Health insurance company and his most of the bills were taken care of, beating down the hospitals on cost and he paid just a fraction of that total, just for what he paid to the Night care nurse as it was not included in the policy. So not only a Wonder of healthcare saved his first child but also his decision of Health insurance paid off.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

–> Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is the advent of newer therapeutic modalities, artificial life-support techniques and infection control mechanisms has tremendously decreased mortality in newborns.
The term neonatal comes from neo, “new”, and natal, “pertaining to birth or origin”.
For more information visit : HERE

Other wonders of medical science:

Insulin pen: A portable, discreet and convenient for injecting insulin for the treatment of diabetes away from home or at home. It’s easier to set an accurate dose for people who have vision or dexterity problems. My Nani ji uses this and she feels less pain and she tells me that she is very much happy with it.

Laproscopic surgery: Optical fibres have paved the way for a whole new field of surgery, called laproscopic surgery. (or more commonly, keyhole surgery), which is usually used for operations in the stomach area such as appendectomies or spinal stenosis. Keyhole surgery usually makes use of two or three bundles of optical fibres. A “bundle” can contain thousands of individual fibres”. One bundle of optical fibres can be used to illuminate the chosen area, and another bundle can be used to bring information back to the surgeon.

Laser Treatment: It is a new boon to the cosmetic field. It is not only used to remove hair permanently from unwanted areas like upper lip, but also can be used to make your skin radiant. It’s an alternative to the much conventional salon cream facials. It’s is also effective in vanishing aches permanently, removing any type of scar, skin tightening.. And the uses are endless. It’s usually painless.

Endoscopic capsule: It is not yet officially used in a treatment but it has been partially-successful in it’s test. It is believed that the capsule which is designed to be swallowed like a pill and can be equipped with a camera. Once the capsule is inside the patient’s digestive tract, a doctor can move the capsule through the body using an MRI machine, photograph specific areas of interest and view those pictures wirelessly. Isn’t it a cool and a very intriguing technology!! Once it’s successful, I am sure it’ll be blow your minds!

When it comes to Modern healthcare, the wonders will never cease, neither I want them to. Everyday when a news paper, internet or discovery channel announces a new technology in medical field, it gives a rush, a hope, a faith that our generation and the next and next to that.. and upcoming every generation will have less mortality rate, will have a happy life. Now all we have to do is conserve our resources and keep inventing.

 ©ANKITAS 2013

This is an entry for ‘How does Modern Healthcare touch lives?’ contest on IndiBlogger sponsored by Apollo Hospitals. Learn more about Apollo Hospitals here.


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