Book Review: The Homing Pigeon by Sid Bahari


“The brain hates ambiguity. I think if the brain was a man, he would be an accountant. He’d want the assets and liabilities to be equal.”~ page 40

This is one of those stories where you don’t know from where to start or how to write the review because you are afraid about telling too much and spoiling the surprise element for the readers. When I opened it and read few pages, I was appalled, Oh I can not describe that feeling, it was confusing as hell, I couldn’t decide whether to just go with with the flow and stop being judgmental or shake Aditya so that he come back to his senses. Oh by the way Aditya is the Male protagonist and I am still deciding how much to tell you guys about him because I really want you (whoever is gonna read it) readers to jump into the book without knowing much about what you are gonna get and have the same experience– From shocking to transfixing to WOAH! moments!! And this story is…

Read The full Review HERE


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