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My Public facing website using Office 365
My Public facing website using Office 365

I always (By always I mean since couple of years) wanted to be an entrepreneur and I have been contemplating between Business Ideas for a long time, rejecting many on the basic of feasibility and many other factors . Around last year I came up with an idea of starting my own Online Book Portal named “Booklok Coffee”, not today but someday.

After a long brainstorming, I have come up with the following project Idea. Albeit, it is yet to be screened.


The Name: No Booklok is not misspelled. Nope. It’s a fusion word of two languages – English & Hindi. ‘BOOK’ is an English word (I am sure you all know that), ‘LOK’ is a Hindi word, which means ‘World’ in English. Coming from INDIA, Hindi is my first language and I wanted my business roots connected to my Homeland.

Booklok means Bookworld.
And Coffee because I simply love it!!!

What is Booklok Coffee?

Well.. for now it’s my blog, with provides book reviews, giveaways, authors interviews, cover reveals, book excerpt, blog tour etc.. But Its genesis is my dream business. In future, Booklok coffee will be an online portal regarding books and anything and everything in-between. It will not be just any regular online book portal but more interactive, user friendly and useful for any type of book lover. Besides books it will be selling one more thing—Take a guess, yes gourmet coffee and espresso beans, Good quality once (I’ll tell more about it later in the article)

Features of Booklok Coffee (Book related):

It will be a platform:

  • Where one can buy books from all possible genres and authors, anywhere and everywhere with easy payment options like COD (cash on delivery), free home delivery*, secured Money payment etc.
  • Free chapters/ book excerpt/ and selected books available for free read (To registered members only), Also sneak peek etc.
  • ARC (Advance readers copy) of books available to request by book bloggers and reviewers.
  • Where one can not only connect with Author through Special PM feature, but also ask them questions, request what they are desperate to see in their upcoming book etc.
  • It will also host extensive high skilled Blog tours.
  • A place where Authors can promote their books, interact with readers and bloggers. Booklok Coffee will promote the books (paid service) without hurting the sentiments of the book buyer by providing honest take on a book. Also there will be a clear defining line between book reviewer and a book buyer so that one can make a fair decision.
  • There will be special features like custom quotes. It’s a feature I desperately want on online book site but have not find anywhere yet. My sincere apologies that I cannot explain much about the ‘Custom Quote’ Feature as it really is me Dream Business and I want to introduce this feature myself someday, so don’t want to spoil the surprise here. What I can tell it is going be a next big thing for “QUOTE LOVERS”.
  • It will also provide statistics about the most popular book genres, story line and etc. To Publishers on Pay basis by conducting many online polls, surveys and researching meticulously.
  • My blog Booklok Coffee will be connected to the online book portal and there also will be the facility to discuss by creating many forms.
  • With time, it will be open as a book networking website. (Its my ultimate goal)

Booklok Coffee (Coffee related):

I have seen my dad drinking coffee ever since I could start noticing things, he have an extensive knowledge on the subject (coffee) so off course I am going to use that knowledge in my business. And well.. being his daughter, I am a coffee addict too and the problem with Indian market is that we have very numbered variety of gourmet coffee and espresso beans to make coffee at home. Some of the Coffee powders (for coffee machine) are not 100% coffee but a part of it is ‘chicory’. So I decided that I’ll Import the best Coffee beans and sell them (Powder and beans) at reasonable prize online, I’ll also sell Indian Coffee beans and powder as it has a distinct flavour, And I happen to like it. So yup … That is my whole business plan, a sketch of it.

Risks Involved:

One cannot set up a business without contemplating its risk. Though I will be keen with strategizing every minute detail from analyzing business environment to the investor’s relation, I’ll also try my level best to create a proper impeccable finance structure, there are risks which have the power to make or break the whole business, such as operation and execution risk. With a poor execution, the reputation will be at risk. These are the factors which have been worrying me but recently I heard about a new product by well renowned and trustworthy multinational software corporation, I know you all have heard and are currently using its products. Yes I am talking about Microsoft. They have came up with a new product Office 365, specially designed to simplify and secure one’s business from a stat up to a well established multinational. Office 365 has been in the market since 2011. After I heard about Office 365, I could not stop myself from trying it, hence, I subscribed to the small business 30 days trial pack. And I already love it. One can not understand a product without creating a scenario, so I am going to present you a part of Office 365 in BOOKLOK COFFEE way.

Booklok Coffee with Office 365:

First thing I did after Signing in to Office 365 was to create my Public website, it was super easy. It provides many templates to choose from, one can customized it to any way they want with just few clicks. 🙂 and it also provides 25GB free online space, now no worries with sharing/storing data. 🙂 Admin can Customize the Office 365 email as desire. EX. My Company’s email Id :

Office 365,the new cloud-based service that combines Office, SharePoint, Lync and Exchange. It provides easy tools to collaborate both inside and outside of the company, as Booklok Coffee will be collaborating with Authors, publishers, distributors, bloggers, suppliers and many more including it’s employees, one such software is much needed which can be access anytime on any device by anyone on the team, be it a mobile or PC or tablet, from any OS.

Exchange Online:

It lets you get business email, contacts and calendar on PC and mobile devices  It is protected by anti-malware and anti-spam filters which is always updated, It also prevents form sending sensitive information to unauthorized people, it also safe guards the data and IT-level phone support is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These features will help me elimination the extra cost on IT department, security etc. I can do all this myself.

SharePoint Online:

I currently love the features of SharePoint online. SharePoint Online is the cloud-based service that provides the Team Sites, SkyDrive Pro, Newsfeed, and Public Website features available with Office 365 Small Business plan. It helps to share the data and information with colleagues, partners and customers. The Admin can control who sees the file, who gets to edit it etc.

Team Site:

Booklok Coffee Team Site
Booklok Coffee Team Site

With Team site lets one to logically organize the contents which are easy-to-find thereby saving time in site maintenance, thereby increasing efficiency. It provides variety of templates to satisfy the need. Admin can give access to a said site to the authorized people, set tasks and make teams, give deadlines which with help in better execution. It also helps to share email and contacts to outlook. It helps in better collaboration.

Public site helped me in creating an online web presence. It also have variety of templates to choose from, the whole site can be customized to my needs, I can share image and make it more accessible, I linked My Booklok Coffee Blog with it, Online book and coffee store, provide contact info, conduct contests, links to the online polls and surveys, create a pile of best seller and Pick of the week etc. There is so much I can do and link to my Site with just a click. (See a sample of my Public facing website at the beginning of this article).


SkyDrive is a library cloud where I can keep my documents and other files safely, I can invite members to see or make edits. It also makes it easy to Synchronize the data on my computer, mobile and also to other SharePoint libraries. I have already saved the confidential folder to SkyDrive (See in Above Screenshots).

NewsFeed lets me organize my blog and the details of other bloggers, Contests, ARC circulation very easily.

 Lync Online:


Lync online will be a blessing to My Business, It is a communication service which will help me and my co workers communicate inside and outside. It will help me tremendously with organizing online web conference (HD) with the investors, publishers, suppliers etc. , it enables to give PowerPoint Presentation online and let them contribute as well. Getting Investors agree and specially in convincing publishers in collaboration with Booklok Coffee is a task I am most worried about, because If I didn’t have Authors to participate then my Whole idea will be thrown out of the window and travelling cities to cities, arranging meetings can be quite expensive. Lync Online seems to reduce my worries, it also enables IM; call on landlines on supported cities (through Skype) also gives 60 free minutes. 🙂 It is money and time saving through and through. It also gives Lync to Lync calling and real-time presence information.. How cool is that.

Microsoft Office and Office Web Apps:

Office 365 works with both MS desktop applications and Office web apps which are companion to MS word, MS excel, MS PowerPoint, outlook along with OneNote and MS Publisher, since I have been using MS Office for decades, I can work on Web apps with same editing and formatting features. After working on app (even on desktop) I can upload it directly on Team Site for my colleagues to access those documents from almost anywhere. Biggest plus is that even is the devise doesn’t have MS office installed, still the web apps files will be accessible, and we don’t have to save the file while creating it, it does it automatically so no data is lost at any stage.

With Other features like Outlook and Calendar, Everything seems too easy and safe.


Office 365 runs on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS X (10.5.8 and higher). Currently it is running on Windows Vista SP2 (32 bit & 64 bit both) and Windows XP (SP3 32 bit and SP2 64 bit) as well but the support will end by 2014.


Office 365 will definitely keep my bushiness more organised, getting better operation and execution thereby reducing Business risk. I am so much confident with the plan now. I guess I am almost done with Project screening as well. Now all I need are investors!!

Important links for better understanding:

Microsoft Office 365
SharePoint Online
Lync Online
Visit : for more Info.

Link to my BOOKLOK COFFEE blog : HERE

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