Soldiers for women

I went on a South Trip with my family last year, it was a very special trip as it was on the occasion of 25th marriage anniversary of my parents, they went on the same trip 25 years back 🙂 (Don’t tell them I posted this over my blog), well.. As I was saying.. It was special.. and I am going to share a small incident from that trip which still makes me feel proud be around the people who did something small but commendable.

Mysore, a bewitching city is Located at the base of the Chamundi Hills, in Karnataka, it is the second largest city of the state. There are many tourist attractions, the palace and temples around the city speak volumes about heritage and architecture of the medieval times, one of them is The Mysore Palace, An enchanting palace indeed, visited by not only Indians but many foreign tourists as well.

After visiting the glorious palace, when we (me and my family) were waiting for our tourist cab to pick us, we noticed that two foreign girls, of twenties something were looking bewildered and a bit tensed by the strange responses from a group of boys, when we approached them, we realised they must have ask one of them to clink their picture and they, being impolite started passing offensively teasing comments in Hindi, which the foreigners certainly couldn’t understand but their expressions said everything. My Dad and my Uncle tried to make the boys shut up but being young blooded boneheads they became somewhat aggressive, My brother joined to help. Gradually it became a bit of a scene and the cab drivers around gathered to help, few of the Indian tourists realised the gravity and came forward, sensing the problem, those boys ran away, literally, I heard them say “Chal bhai. Bhag le”. There wasn’t a fist fight involved but seeing so many people standing for the honour of two tourists, girl was a privilege in itself. Though those tourists neither understand Hindi nor Kannad but they did understand what took place and they thanked my Dad, my uncle and many people around, they said “merci”… They were French, I like French.

Well.. the same day in Maysore, I met those same girls again at the brindavan garden musical fountain show, they sat with my Family. Doesn’t it feel good to make friends in an unknown city; I made two friends that day. I am sure when they return to France, they won’t remember how a group of immature ill mannered boys behaved but how group of complete strangers stood up for them. I salute them all.

This is not the first time I have seen a man taking a stand for a women, I have caught a sight of many as there are many respectable men in the society. It’s commendable that Gillette India and Blogadda is giving a platform to honour those selfless men who give a lot to the society every day, without expecting anything in return.

Brindavan garden, Mysore
Brindavan garden, Mysore

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3 thoughts on “Soldiers for women

  1. Its a pity how people can stoop down to such level. Good to know that your family stood up for the foreigners:)


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