Dear Daddy

Supporting my every step
On the course of life.
Letting me carve my own boulevard,
In sunshine &  storm being my safeguard.
Daddy, you are my strength, my shield, my star,
Ebullient, devoted, candid person you are.
Righteousness and courage in me is the quality,
From you I inherited.
Over and over you ameliorate me without losing patience.
Readily believing in me, you boost my confidence
Work hard every day, yes you do, to serve family 
Oasis of endurance you are in the desert enemy.
My hero, my Safe harbour, my solider
Every day, every moment,
No matter what, I’ll always be your little Girl.

When I was in 4th grade, I was selected for 3 days cubs-bulbuls regional camp held in the different town, many of my friends refused as their parents didn’t agree but My dad not only allowed me but he is the reason I joined ‘scouts and girl guides’ at the first place. He is also the genesis of my reading passion as he is the one who handed me my first story book, he additionally made sure that I read Children’s Digest almost every month.. well… then I started picking books from his bookshelf. He helped and encouraged me to participate in Debates and extempore during school days. I am a highly curious person, I question almost everything and my Daddy always have an answer, I wonder if I’ll ever be that smart!! I never made even a cup of tea till my High school but now I like cooking, not on regular basis but occasionally continental food and the credit again goes to my Dad, he likes to cook now and then and when he does, my etiquette gets out of the window as I am compelled to lick my fingers. He makes a to-die-for butter chicken (spicy one) though he is himself a vegetarian and don’t even eat raw onion but he makes a killer chicken — as his fans, many family friends believe :). Well.. he is my Dad, the person I can always count on, he is the person who made me into the independent strong Lady I am today as he never stopped me from doing anything, allowed me to tackle my own problems myself (under his supervision of course) and if something goes wrong, he is always there to fix it. He gave me the freedom to fly, to grow and find myself. I know what I am today and It is all due to his hard work, his trust and faith, his upbringing and teachings. I am proud that I have him as my Dad. I am sure my Mum is also proud of him.


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