Book Review : Tantra by Adi



Lemme just shoutout first — “Finally a badass no-nonsense sassy Vampire Slayer female protagonist (with a dirty mouth..Scandalous!) from an Indian Author!! Hell yeah, bring it on!!”

A vampire related story from an Indian author is first but there are gazillions of Vampire stories in the book cosmos, when someone says ‘a new vampire novel’, I think what new could it bring!? A part of me is always reluctant to start any new series centering around vampires, I have read that many vampire novels, Jaw dropping good once I must add. But since it is the first Vampire novel in India, set in our dear Delhi, there was no way I could resist reading Tantra by Adi. And Adi skillfully manages to bring new spin in the Vampire genre by incorporating Tantra– India’s most spooky practice. Now that’s something…

Read the Full reviewHERE



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