Book review : Offside by Kiran Vijayan

A signed copy!! YAYYY!! Thanks to the Author :)
A signed copy!! YAYYY!! Thanks to the Author 🙂

Finally a book about football/soccer (not cricket) by an Indian Author. Not that I dislike Cricket (Well I would never tell) but I am a big time Football fan, I respect all Football clubs (Not at all when they are on fields of course) but I am a Huge Real Madrid fan..specially their Jersey no. 7, forward player if you know who I mean. So It must pretty obvious how much I was anticipating thing book and the Book Cover with a football panel prints is enough to give the gist of the story one will confront. I liked it, Simple yet effective, Worn out football print shows how much it has been played in the book, at the beginning of every chapter there is a silhouette of a boy kicking football, I like the detailing…

“I have loved only two things Deeply, passionately in my entire life– a girl who was like no other and a game that means more to me than just a game.”– Page no. 2

Story is very well written, I’d say it is more sports oriented, nothing fancy but something a hardcore player who practices his butt-off on fields then enters a tournament by keeping his life at stake would understand. Someone who juggles his unrequited love, chase for his passion, experiments of new craziness an friendship all at the same time…

Read the complete review HERE


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