Book Review: F?@k Knows By Shailendra Singh

17371140Woah!!! I am someone who do not use the word F?@k, If I really have to,  then I use ‘eff’ and mostly I kind of just mouth that word, not say out loud, So Initially I really had a problem adjusting with it. Mostly I kind of skipped that word, Which was like skipping too many words a page 🙂 . and yes usually I say “shut the eff up” when I am trying to sleep and my mind won’t shut up. So if you are comfortable saying the eff word multiple times then this is the book for you. 

The Disclaimer of this book is a must read, It’s hilarious and witty.

Then moving on to ‘How to read this book”, point 5 .. shocked me :P, but yeah it is again a must read.

This is basically a part autobiography/self-philosophy/self-help book written by Shailendra Singh, a sports marketing guru, an advertising whiz, a Bollywood producer and MD of India’s first and only entertainment, media and communications conglomerate. Also he made a S@?t load of money :P. …

Read the Complete review HERE

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