Book Review : Law of Averages by Kshitish Padhy


The story is set around the world of comics, dictator dad, two loves sneaking around and treasure hunt and the cover art is very apt giving a rundown to the story and the colors chosen are definitely has its appeal. 

“The law of averages is bound to catch up with you and you are bound to win big time at least once in your life.”– page no. 206

This is an Insta-love (Love at first sight) story, not the mushy-mushy kind but adventurous. 

As per the lag line “A hilarious love story- filmi Ishtyle” the story is indeed hilarious with many twists and turns and ample convivial situations reminding me about the Raj comics like Billo, Pinky, Chacha Choudhary I used to read. I was never a Nagraj, bhokal reader but after reading this book I think I really missed out. But it’s not too late, I am going to get my hands on Nagraj and other Action comics 🙂 .

The narrative tone in this book is jovial and humorous and relatively easy to understand as the Author paid special attention to the readers of Raj comics who are more attuned to Hindi language. I enjoyed the witty remarks and reference of the cartoon/comic characters throughout at the same time missed my old golden days with the comics. The author used his background in script writing for the comics industry very brilliantly in creating a story which is hilarious, packed with adventure and masala in Filmy Ishtyle.

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