Book Review : R.I.P by Mukul Deva

Received it from :)
Received it from 🙂

The book was born out of extreme sense of anger and shame. Anger at the appalling, naked greed so shamelessly displayed by the Indian political class. And shame that they happen to be fellow-Indians.– Author’s Note

Book cover is dominated by the shades of fire, anger, blood and a soldier silhouette gazing the bright golden sun peeking out of the dark clouds. This explosive cover got everything that will boil your blood and The detailing with the syringe and the bullet is commendable. “Mukul Deva” written in RED is textured giving the illusion of blood smear. It’s the brief of the story, very appropriate and I loved it.

Well R.I.P stands for The Resurgent Indian Patriots but is also an innuendo to Rest in peace (My perception). I usually start the story without reading the Disclaimer/author’s note and read it after am done with the story, It’s more fun that way so would suggest to do that specially with this one. (ALERT) Or you’ll miss loads of laughs. The concept of the story is wicked. Although it is a complete work of fiction but the connection between fiction and reality is astonishing, down right blunt and Hilarious in many ways. This heart pumping thriller is first and foremost about the administration of the long-overdue justice, Right!!

Mukul Deva does a nice job of capturing the setting and providing an authentic feel and voice to his characters….

To Read the full review click HERE


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