Pessimism or reality check

They say be optimistic, And I generally am a very optimistic person but how can I be all calm and collected and positive when I see so many problems are eating up Humanity. When I switch on TV, or pick a news paper, or turn my head or talk to my friend… I see ….

1. Environment:

  • When I go to take a casual stroll in park , I see small children playing near the polythene clutter which has found its way into the park as it has taken charge over the rivers, choked the lives out of fauna and flora and animals who feed on the garbage dominated by non-biodegradable, polluted our environment in the worst way possible.
    –> Government did took a step, but now we have to pay for the polythene bags in malls.
    –>During this EOSS(end of season sale) what I noticed that most of us were carrying polybags we paid for ( many stores provides paper bags). Though the no. of poly-bags has decreased but not considerably.
    —>Next time when I’ll be taking a stroll in park and see poly-bag or when animals will be choking on poly-bags,  our drinking water will get polluted… those will be the poly-bags WE PAID FOR!!
    —>My Blueprint for change : Government should compulsory all the major stores to provide Jute/newspaper bags (charged or not) and we as a customer should always carry a fabric/jute bag with us when we go grocery or any type of shopping.
    Mission—- “Boycott Poly-bags ”
    —>Biodegradable and non biodegradable dustbins should be places on public places so that recycling can be easy. (I know it’s a very old idea but not properly implemented YET).
  • The extreme use of pesticides. One of the food testing laboratory found that the pesticide was present in a leading Honey brand as well. pesticides are the direct poison we intake through vegetables, fruits, grains etc. on top of that they corrupts the soil and the running water body near by leading to the environment destruction which also affects the people severely living on the bank of such river body.
    —>My Blueprint for change : State governments should encourage the organic farming, workshops on Organic farming ways and advantages should be conducted. Since organic farming is not subsidized by the govt., it makes the organic item costlier but we should put health on priority and buy Organic food. If it is not available then always wash your food properly.

2. Indian economic Crises:

  • Policy paralysis
  • High Fiscal Deficit, High Current Account Deficit, High Inflation – 7.23% & rising
  • Low GDP — 5.3 percent over the previous year in the third quarter.
  • Increase in Interest rates, Lower Foreign Investments.
  • More than 20% drop in rupee against dollar since early 2011.

With the addition of these, last year during presenting the budget, the retrospective amendment and the announcement of GAAR (though GAAR was taken back and will be introduced by 2014) discouraged the foreign investors, all these factors added to the poor growth rate of India. Economists worries that our current situation is worse than that of 1991. My worry is if this continues then coming generation will be in a horrible situation (coming generation as in ME). Our economy is pushed to the brink.

My Blueprint for change:

Opening doors to FDI will certainly help to control inflation and taking back of GAAR proposal has indeed helped in improving India’s image at international market. But this is not enough… well…I really don’t know from where to start, First of all we need a strong leader and strong opposition, then their first step should be to eradicate the prevailing policy paralysis. A good leader is the one who gets maximum results in lesser resources. Government should cut down their expenses on Govt. department. Proper distribution system so that the food grain stocks in the country can be utilized at maximum will bring down the food inflationGovernment needs to Control fiscal deficit which will slash current account deficit. And the most Important is to control or kill Corruption. Lokpal bill should be passed ASAP but it shouldn’t be a paralyzed one. As a human, when too much of power is in one hand leads to corruption so proper distribution or power is necessary so that High end decision makers can be in control. And law should be passed to declare the money in Swiss bank as an Indian asset, or charge Heavy tax on that money as other nations are doing.

3. Health Hazards:

  • Food adulteration— today we go to buy something and get something else, it wouldn’t be a problem as long as that something else isn’t injurious to heath but that is a wishful thinking. During Festive season, tons of ‘Naklli mawa’ , ‘nakli desi ghee’ , ‘nakli doodh’ etc. are raided but these adulterated items along with other adulterated food items are sold every day in some kirana shop you trust the most.
    —> Municipal Corporation food officer, police should conduct regular audits of the suspected shops, raid suspected godowns.
    —> If someone finds any case of food adulteration, a complaint should be filed immediately so that such activity can be stopped immediately saving many lives.
  • Many villages in India still don’t have a hospital, many don’t have the proper equipment. villagers either have to travel to the city to seek medical consultancy or forget it. It is one of the major issue and Government should encourage private companies to Invest in such campaigns, or celebrities should come forward for such cause.
  • We don’t have proper and economical health Insurance that’s why only very scanty percentage of Indians have health insurance.
    —> insurance companies should come up with more economical Health insurance schemes.
    —> advertisements should be run on the benefits of health insurance as ‘JAN hit’


  • We break traffic rules everyday, we are in such a hurry that we don’t even wait for the traffic signal to turn green. We do not wear helmets, we drive on wrong side, cross speed limit, go threesome on bikes, Drink and drive, blow horns Unnecessary.
  • We have lost empathy. Don’t bother telling me you haven’t because if we had then “Amanat” in Delhi wouldn’t have waited so long on road side while we were driving by.
  • We spit or throw chewing gums and everything on roads and then blame India to be dirty. We start the blame game.

To get something fast, we try to bribe.
We discriminate, we divide.
We are judgmental, we are afraid to raise our voice,
we walk with the crowd without thinking twice.

You, me and every one is part of it so we are responsible for what happens here, Good or bad.

My Blueprint for change:

““Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.”  ― C.G. Jung

What Ideas could I give… I am the society, You are the society, Unless we all council ourselves and do the right lawfully, we all will be the culprit of each other. Of our mother INDIA.

A small change can make a big difference. You are the only one who can make our world a better place to inhabit. So, don’t be afraid to take a stand .


This post is a part of Weekend contest at in association with Chanakya’s New Manifesto

7 thoughts on “Pessimism or reality check

  1. Brilliantly written ! I specially liked the flow-chart which includes almost all the important issues women face in India today.

    Unfortunately, there are some people who think that “‘dowry prohibition act’, bans on pre-natal testing and other existing acts” are only examples of moral policing and that dowry and female feticide should be legalized. Maybe such people just want to sound different, but still their skewed mindsets need to be condemned. Please take a look at the following.


    1. Thanks Karan…
      Regarding the link you sent…I can not believe it… I think he wrote his mind without getting his facts right.
      For starters.. one can not detect the gender of a baby for sure before 16 weeks of pregnancy, and by that baby’s most of the body organs are functional so in a way, after aborting a child after 16 weeks is killing a life and Killing a life is a CRIME.
      These days people just write without getting the facts. If we analyse the stats then gender foeticide is forced on a women, No women as far as I know would kill her child just because she is a girl And if she is not ready to have a child and she wouldn’t wait for 16 WEEKS to get abortion. In India, many women are tortured brutally to get abortion if she is going to give birth to a girl. This process is painful physically and emotionally. so this act is introduced keeping the welfare of women in mind.

      Thank you again Karan.


  2. We all have come up with different ways of expressing our concerns and worries but more or less top 5 are the same. Nice take on all the problems.. the flowchart speaks of the miserable state of women…


  3. I do agree with the last point – We the people. But then, as you say, small gestures (done the right way) can influence and inspire many people to follow. I think the best thing to do is to set the right example. Others (most) will surely follow. That organic farming point you mentioned is also very important. It seems the ministry is trying to get GM crops, whose effects we don’t know. I hope our farmers will go back to organic farming methods that we have been using for many generations.

    Destination Infinity


  4. Your article is real food for thought!
    It leads me to the idea that freedom is just a meaningless word, good to be used during election periods.
    And don’t imagine things are like you describe them only where you live!


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