Most meaningful advertisement #1 ~ Eye Donation

Advertisements plays a major role in the society. For viewers – it’s helps in decision-making, for goods/service providers It’s a medium for promoting themselves, connecting this the viewers and making their name.
But in this race, the real essence of Advertisement is evaporating. Very few ads are made every year that makes sense, that actually captivates the viewer and motivates them. Here is one of the most meaningful advertisement.

Shri Lanka eye donation society

Once your eyes finished seeing, Pass them on
…there is always someone waiting.

Here when the boy asks ,” When you are done, can you give it to me?”
It’s the most touching moment. He said it all just in few words.

Can you Imagine an All-black-blank life, with no light, no colors, not even a silhouette… probably not. But this add makes us imagine such a life and a true motivator. Inspires to gift your sight or rather pass it on to someone who needs it.

PS-Eye donation is done after death.
PPS- My list of “most meaningful adv.” will be numbered but not in their order of awesomeness but just for the numbering sake.

AnkitaS 2013


7 thoughts on “Most meaningful advertisement #1 ~ Eye Donation

  1. A good deed is never a waste …either it be an advertisement or your post… I am motivated to the real cause… THANKS !!!


  2. nyc 1 …. good gng … At-least for those who r sensitive and were still unaware abt dis donation, this can b a good chance for them to get enlightened nd make a move>>>>


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