Self Protection︱Self Defence

When a fair gender, be it a women of 40s or a little girl of 3 yrs old,  takes a step outside of her home is not safe. We all are aware of the heinous act that took place in Delhi couple of days ago, a 23 years old girl was brutally molested in a running bus by 6 people. And is it clear that our government is not going to amend the law with death sentence for the culprits, if there ever is going to by any amendment at all. In my opinion, death sentence to those 6 perverted-monsters or to any monster who commit such a crime of molesting/abusing/rape is an easy way out, too easy, they should be chopped or shot in public. Death sentence is for those who murder a person at once. But abuse is like murdering a  girl again and again and any heart wrenching brutal punishment to such perverted monsters is less. Their faces should be shown in media every 5 minutes so that the family of the culprits can also suffer humiliation But to demand that I am going to take the help of social media. Here I want to have a talk about Self Protection & self defense.

When I was in 12th, my math tutor used to say to the students who used to drive, “When you drive, keep in mind that everyone on street is there to hit you. Then you’ll be safe”. I want to tell you the same, be cautious, keep your eyes open. You can not rely on anybody to keep you safe, it is clear from the past year’s world wide female abuse statistics. Then what to do? You may ask.
When you travel in an airplane,  air hostess always gives safety and emergency brief. For just in case of adverse situations. So that’s how I guess we all girls will have to live in India from now on till… well till our law system is improved or till the rest  of our lives because I don’t see that happening anytime soon

I am not an expert and I am pretty sure that most of you must be already aware about the safety measures I am suggesting, And I am not implying that any girl could have avoided it if she’d only done/not done some particular thing. I also am not implying that you are not taking any safety measure. All I am trying to convey is when the world is filled with such heinous monsters and governing bodies are not taking this matter much seriously and when the police is failing to keep us safe, in this scenarios, just to ease up our minds, we have to keep few things in mind.

  1. Pepper spray– You all must know about it,  But not every girl have it. You can buy it online or at some store of your city. but in case you can’t buy it, Then you MUST make your own pepper spray.
    Make your own pepper spray:
    Use your old, empty deodorant bottle (small one is better) or buy a small spray bottle, if it has a key chain than even better. Now make a solution of vinegar and red chilly powder (hottest chilly you can find), shake the solution than brew it to the bottle and keep that pepper spray bottle handy all the time, from stepping out to your home till you reach your destination. And by handy I mean in your Fist, not in bag.
    Or you can just carry a deodorant spray, hairspray. It also works. but not as good as pepper spray. The effect of pepper spray lasts for hours.
  2. Join a self defense class or learn it on youtube. But do learn it. ( The Government should provide compulsory self defense training to every girl or the schools/offices/colleges must set up such compulsory classes).
  3. Carry a loud whistle in your hand when you are walking.  If you find yourself in danger, blow the whistle. Do anything  to attract attention and get help. (Do not depend entirely on an object such as a whistle or pepper spray to always be available in times of danger. They are fine – but no better than a loud yell.)
  4. Always be alert to your surroundings, be cautious of strangers who approach you and ask for the time or for directions.Trust your Instincts, Always, tell someone about it. If you see a stalker then do tell your parents and the police. DO NOT IGNORE IT.
  5. Do not stop if a car pulls up beside you. Get away from the car. Never hitchhike. Hold purses under your arm. Never expose cash or expensive items. Hide your jewelry.
  6. When possible, travel with a companion. ( I know after this recent Delhi incident, travelling in a bys seems unsafe too . Lets just protest till those culprits are punished in such a way that no one will ever dream about doing such a thing), when you see no passenger on a public transport, then avoid it if possible.
  7.  Always carry a flashlight when it is dark. Try not to walk alone, avoid poorly lighted streets, alleys, vacant lots and parking areas, Walk with confidence and always look up. Even if you don’t know where you’re going, walk like you know what’s going on and where you are. but try to walk on known paths.
  8. Walk on the side of the street where you face the traffic, I know it’s breaking the traffic rule but it’s much safer. You can see the approaching traffic.
  9. These days girls are not safe even under roofs, if you live in hostel/flat then make sure your door is locked when you sleep and when you go out. Always check your room first when you come back. Do not let any unknown person in your room.
  10. Always be cautions and doubt any and every person. Even your friends because there are so many cases where girls have been betrayed by there not only male but female friends as well.
  11. Do not let your personal details be in open on social networking sites.
Google images
Google images

If Someone Does Attack :–

  • When grabbed from behind, Remember S-I-N-G (solar plexus, instep, nose, groin). Elbow the solar plexus, kick the instep real hard, bust the nose with the back of your fist and smash the groin.
  • When someone tries to grab you from the front, then go for gouging the eyes, smashing the nose or Adam’s apple, kicking the knee, smashing the instep and the groinhit with all the force you can muster, If other objects are available, use them to attack. Keys, umbrellas, a book , pencils, pens, a briefcase, and purse are all items that can be used to fend off an attacker. you may take him by surprise, and run like hell shouting and screaming.
  • You know that knuckle gear guys use in fighting. (don’t tell anyone about it because I don’t know if it’s legal). You can keep it with you as well.

NOTE: As far I know, teaser guns are not legal in India. I Firmly believe it should be, and issued to the girls who applies, if she has to travel far or in deserted areas (or some valid reason) then it should be issued. (or you could just Google how to make one yourself)

Though I sincerely pray for the safety of every girl, my praying is not going to stop the perverts who commit such crimes, to stop them we need a much stronger and stricter law system and punishment, non bailable.

If you ever encounter even a smallest misbehave, always report it, because getting away from such small acts boost the confidence of a criminal and it leads to the disaster. Your complaint can save a life.

Always stand by the victim.


©AnkitaS 2012


11 thoughts on “Self Protection︱Self Defence

    1. A heart wrenching incident happened in Delhi, India a couple of days ago, where a 23 yrs old girl was abused very badly beyond our imaginations. That unfortunate incident has left all Indians shell shocked and outraged. This is my way of expressing.


  1. The problem lies in the mentality of people. That is influenced by a whole lot of factors. We can’t say men are at fault neither the fairer sex is at fault, the problem lies somewhere else. Police can’t be blamed as a handful of them can’t protect each and every one in crores of population here. Govt. already gives up very easily, then who to blame? a strong change is required, revolution! and not that in law order alone, but in the human nature imbibed deep inside. Once that is changed, other will follow the suit!


    1. I agree with you, it must be a joint effort from everyone, from us, the police, law makers, the society. Yes we do need a revolution!! awakening of everyone, one needs to understand the consequences of one’s actions, if every human being think twice before doing something, be it police while taking their duty seriously or society for showing more empathy or a man while thinking about committing something unspeakable or a women for putting her trust, if we all think twice then I think this whole issue can be rooted out.


  2. Typical knee jerk reaction. You admit you are not an expert, yet you wind up giving advice that can get someone in even more trouble than they already are. The only sensible thing you advocate is taking “self defense classes” if you own a car you have it serviced regularly and you never begrudge the money spent, from the time you leave school all you ever think of is what beasts and animals men are, and that is where the beginning of your problem is, because not all men are animals, just the same as not all women are angels, they aren’t, and in most cities in the world you are as likely to be attacked and killed by a female scum bag as you are a male.
    Forget taking self defense classes, join a Martial Arts Dojo or Kwoon that teaches practical Martial Arts and not sport, and stay in the classes. Take specialist streetwise classes by properly qualified Instructors.
    If you are attacked for get having a go, break free and stay away your only priority is to get away and stay away and for the love of God no matter what you do never let them take you someplace else, because you will not be coming back. Forget kicking or kneeing into the groin, if they are angry or scared, drunk or on drugs then they will feel nothing, forget the eyes you will never get the chance to strike such a small target, grab an ear and rip it off they are only held on by tissue paper, then hit to the throat, the point of the nose causes the tear ducts to flood and they lose their balance. Use your elbows and your knees and strike on a level, dont try to drag or pull them down. If their mouth is open stick your hand in and grab the cheek and rip it, they cant scream and gag and fight.
    Grab skin by the fistful and squeeze and pull. Kick to the inside of the knee it is more effective than kicking to the groin, if you are grabbed by the hair remember you will grow new hair, you wont grow a new face. Get or make yourself a Yubi Bo a finger staff, it is about 5 inches long and a piece of wook the thickness of your finger is perfect. Learn how to hit with the end of it, you can do it yourself, look up Yawara on the Internet or Kubo Tan in the USA, Kubo Tan is a yubi bo and the Yanks teach crap but it is better than lying in the street bleeding. Never, ever think that by not resisting it is going to be over soon, if you dont fight back then they will do what they were going to do in the first place, what have you got to lose?
    Stay out of dark places and walkj quickly to where you are going. If you hear someone following you then simply walk in to someones front door and knock or ring the bell, this will work anywhere except the USA, they seem to like seeing people shot, stabbed or mugged. When the door is opened tell them you are being followed and call the police. Not that they will come but at least you are safe for that period of time. If all else fails and nobody will answer a door pick up something and start breaking windows, the cops will come, its property after all, not people that matters.
    Carry a referees whistle, and scream and blow for all you are worth.
    Finally I am only passing comment, dont shoot the messenger.


    1. Woah… There you have few good advises and repeated mostly what I have given, First I want to enlighten you that I am talking about Indian Girls, in India. Here I did not say that “what beasts and animals men are” and blamed whole men species, Firstly get this “On 16th Dec, In Delhi India, A girl was gang raped in a bus, public transport, 6 monsters Raped her, about 10 at night, and beat up her boy friend pretty bad. Girl died.” And if I am calling those 6 men monsters. Then again not every girl or kid in India owns a CAR. Here the outrage is mostly due to that incidence and a lot of other similar rape cased including eve teasing. Where do you suggest a girl to find a Martial Arts Dojo or Kwoon classes??
      Well you are right about grabbing and tearing an ear off…about hitting nose, tearing cheeks and mouth.
      It’s hard to avoid dark places in India, as not all roads have street lights, or are dimly lit. And it is even harder to knock the door of a near by residence as mostly of the people here lives in buildings and breaking window glasses will never in million days grab the attention of police.
      I guess You are from USA, Right, the condition of USA and India are far more different, before SHOOTING the writer, at least do some research before… though I agree with your fighting technique and most of that is already there in the article and I didn’t know about the Yubi Bo, I Googled and found it useful so I would suggest Indian girls to try to get a hold on to that thing. I am just trying to aware the girls Indian girls and help them out.
      I still appreciate your reply.


  3. I recently saw a documentary and was sadden to see the condition In India. Self-defense helps in such dreadful situations.


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