Nightfall— A Diamante poem

Eerie and gloomy
Looming, enveloping, shaking
Dark dusk yields to bright dawn
Forgiving, entrusting, loving
Golden and bright

©AnkitaS 2010

♥   ♥   ♥

Diamante poem: a seven-line, diamond-shape poem based on two contrasting ideas.

➡ Line 1 and Line 7 are one word that names the two opposites/synonyms (noun).
➡ Line 2 and Line 6 are two adjectives describing the nouns on the top and bottom line.
➡ Line 3 and Line 5 are three -ing or -ed words that describe the nouns.
➡ Line 4, the line in the middle, is the turning point – must have a smooth transition. 2 words relate to line 1 and other 2 words relate to line 7.

♥   ♥   ♥

P.S.–A Diamante poem is what we learn in elementary school but its fun writing it. try it yourself. experiment with words and enjoy. 😆


16 thoughts on “Nightfall— A Diamante poem

  1. How clever are you, thanks for the information, might try it at some stage Ankita, loved the poem and the imagery is wonderful. Have a great week my friend xx


  2. Wow…this is SUPERB, Anky!!! Adhering to rules, and making it look so simple and beautiful.. that takes talent! And you’ve got oodles of it!!

    Way to go, girl!!!

    Loved this Diamante… I too feel like giving it a go! 🙂 Seems so challenging!! You will be the first to know if I do!

    You RULE, girlie!! Loved the images too… just perfection multiplied by infinity!!

    many hugs and kisses..


    1. You always make me blush… am not as good as you, I just try to write something.
      am happy that you liked it, it means a lot.

      you are always so kind Kavi, and you must try it out, am sure you’ll rock it.

      looking forward for your piece.

      keep rocking Kavi.


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