I see you

I step outta rehearsal room
Panting for fresh air.
There, I see you,
Standing under the tree,
In a beige color jacket, carefree.

The sunlight,
Dazzling your skin bright.
The winter air,
Blowing your hair.
I barely can even breathe
As you pace towards me.
Standing still, I gaze
Into the twin pools,
Counting your eyelashes,
Measuring your breath.
Your vibes, I feel when
You’re near me.

I drift further and further seeing you
Not your beauty but you, your possibility,
Your love, its like a dream.
I wonder whether you feel the same.
A mischievous smile
Cracking on your lips I see.
And I know you came
To see me.

I smile and snap my eyes open
Fetching myself to present.
Your face my love
I’ll always see in my heart
But the problem
That can’t fade
Is that you’re frozen
And I’m dead.

©AnkitaS 2010

♥   ♥   ♥


10 thoughts on “I see you

  1. So beautiful and romantic.. and then, THE TWIST!
    But that melancholy note added to the romanticism… brilliant!

    Your choice of words was really lovely, Ankita.. “counting your lashes” – that’s soooo like me.. Okay, I don’t really count them, but lashes drive me crazy (just like the subject of your poem)! I think I actually say these things to hubby (except the last 4 lines ofcourse) — and I stress on the lashes bit.. heheh

    It was fabulous read..
    Thanks for sharing this…


    1. Thanks for your kind words Kavita…
      while writing it, at first I ended it smooth then I thought when life have been smooth… so added the twist… am glad that you liked it…

      viva la vida 🙂


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