Am lost

Who am I !

A lost girl ?

Living up a lie,

The truth I deny.

Why do I rhyme !

No reason for it.

What can I say,

I’m outta my strength

Who am I !

A lost girl !

Alas, Am I mad ?

rather frustrated and sad.

Just gimme a break

No, no gimme some space

for peace.

I wanna this pain,

this torment,

this uncertainty,

to vanish.

Am lost !! am lost !! am lost !!

©AnkitaS 2010

19 thoughts on “Am lost

  1. Like how you rhymed this poem, especially those last six lines prior to the final one, those short lines seem to convey the feelings expressed after recurrent questioning throughout the piece 🙂 cheers


  2. It got beauty in amongst all of the tragic questioning.
    I believe we all have to experience this place in our minds, then we appreciate the light so much more.
    At least that how i see it.
    Great poem


    1. I so agree with you …. We have to see the dark to appreciate the light much more….
      thank you for your wonderful words..



  3. Oh gosh!! Beautiful! Don’t we all feel this so many times?!?!?! And it’s a crazy feeling…
    You’ve brought it out so well!!! The annoyance, helplessness, irritation – excellently rendered here!!
    Kudos!!! 🙂


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