Take a pledge

Take a pledge

To serve India and its people with all your heart.

To be the candle light in the dark,

So that the place around you will be bright.

The unity in Indians history

is what made us free

So, take a pledge

To be united as one

in spite of diversity

To treat every citizen with equality.

To make stand against wrong

And set Mother nation free again.

Arise and awake!!

there is so much to do

before we could rest

So, take a pledge

On 15th August

The Independence day

That, We end today the period of ill fortune

and help India to discover herself again.

©AnkitaS 2010

♥   ♥   ♥

vande mataram
vande mataram

unity in diversity



15 thoughts on “Take a pledge

  1. This is absolutely lovely!!!
    The poem, pictures, video – everything was just perfect!
    Thanks for sharing, Ankita… you rock!

    A very happy (although belated) Happy Independence Day to you too! Jai Hind!


  2. Came by to watch the vid again! 🙂 Enjoyed …beautifully executed performance … and one doesn’t need to understand the language to get the emotion of the judges comments …


    1. So true JD, one doesn’t need to know the language to understand emotions.
      your thoughts are always true and touches my heart.


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