The very ‘ME’

An aromatic sun,

A crimson sky,

clouds revolving around dust

the taste of pollution on my tongue.

And I’m drowning in the river of life,

But I’m different,

My liberty lies in the

fire of my soul.

But the tremor is killing

the vice of my throat.

But I’ll prevail,

Against all

Against I…. ‘Me’

The very “ME”.

©AnkitaS 2010


13 thoughts on “The very ‘ME’

  1. No no!! Thats not me… I goggled it…
    and yeah am also loving blogging… and our friendship and knowing so many people with vivid thoughts and words…
    this is the best place one can find.

    Cheers!! 😉


  2. But I’m different,

    My liberty lies in the

    fire of my soul.

    thus, you are unique and which makes a huge difference.
    very impressive poem.


    1. am flattered jingle…
      poetry isn’t my specialty… I feel like a kindergartner in front of all you ppl…
      I used to write a couple of lines when some one asks or some competition, i like writing articles and stories… but Poetry is truly beautipul.


  3. This one is simply amazing..!! We all have our inner battles, but that doesn’t mean we gotta give up on our soul..! beautiful!


  4. Ei, ei, what picture is that…? Now, that’s one for the collection. Click, click, snap, there it is, brain, it’s taken, happy now? Good word too; both complement each other well.


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